【LomoKino 電影相機】全菲林拍攝!Crystal 張紋嘉《願你自由地唱歌》MV 分享

在數碼年代,以 35 mm 菲林 拍攝影片愈來愈罕見,但菲林獨特的色調和顆粒感,佔著沒可取代的一席位!攝影師 Denny Chu 最近以 LomoKino 35 mm 電影相機 配合 Lomography 彩色負片 拍攝了歌手 Crystal 張紋嘉 新歌《願你自由地唱歌》的整個 MV!一起欣賞吧!

好天氣下,團隊帶上了 LomoKino 電影相機 到觀塘海濱花園拍攝,作品色彩很活潑呢!

© Denny Chu | Model: Crystal Cheung | Camera: LomoKino

以 Stop-motion 影片記綠小孩的玩樂畫面也很可愛!

© Denny Chu | Camera: LomoKino

Denny 亦以 Lomo LC-Wide 相機 拍攝,期待他更多作品分享!

© Denny Chu | Model: Crystal Cheung | Camera: Lomo LC-Wide

written by joycelau21 on 2019-07-09 #people #videos

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Are you ready to set your images in motion? With the LomoKino, you can shoot a movie of up to 144 frames on any 35 mm film. No sound, no special effects, no post production — just simple Lomography in motion. Hit the close-up button to shoot at just 0.6 m away from your subject, and fit a flash to the hot-shoe attachment to light up your cinematic scenes. Once you've wrapped up your shoot, you can admire your 144 frames as individual shots, or use our app to turn them into an analogue movie. Kick it back to old-school Hollywood and become an analogue filmmaker today!

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