Women's Bead Co-Op on a Caribbean Island


Come and spend your vacation in the beautiful Caribbean island Isla Mujeres in Mexico as I have a great find for you there! It’s a great place to eat as well as the place to go to for all of your beadwork needs. It’s for a good cause to boot!

This location is a twofer – the Women’s Bead Co-Op and the restaurant La Bruja, on the beautiful Caribbean island Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The cooperative founder is Dona Made. She is an amazing and hard working woman, who has the ability to do the work of ten people. She and her husband run the La Bruja restaurant at the south end of the island. La Bruja is a great place to eat and enjoy some Mexican beer. We enjoyed the seafood soup, wow! A flavor as rich as the best Italian cioppino with an ice cold beer – you can’t go wrong.

The restaurant is open from 6am-2pm then 6pm-11pm. At 2:00Pm Dona Made is off to the bead co-op from 2-6pm. It is a quiet little building steps away from the restaurant. A group of women can be found working at the small colorful tables, surrounded by tiny little glass beads. Many work from home, with children to care for and housework, they cannot always come to the co-op. Most of the supplies are donated by tourist that can bring donations from the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The women can not find the supplies they need in Mexico and the money they make from their beadwork is needed to pay household bills. So any little donation means a lot to them. The warm friendship we have made from a small donation is the highlight of our vacation.

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  1. alpacaangel
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    nice to see a location with a cause. Good job

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