LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400: Night Lights with Louis Dazy

Louis Dazy is a French photographer who loves to wander in the city at night. When the sun goes down, he's out on the streets with his camera, capturing the beauty of nightlife. Passionate about double-exposures, he tried the new LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400 film and loved it!

Picture of Louis Dazy taken with a Nikon F2, 35mm lens and the LomoChrome Metropolis shot at 400 ISO.

Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and your approach/philosophy when it comes to photography?

My name is Louis Dazy, I've been shooting film for the past 4 years, I have a passion for double exposures and telling two different stories in one image. My photography is usually dubbed surreal/ethereal/dreamy.

Let's get technical! When you tested our new film, which camera, and lens did you use? Did you use strobes or available light?

I used my beloved Nikon F2 with a 35mm Nikkor prime lens. I used a small red light and available light at the same time, which makes this cool red/blue vibe on it, the red was done with the strobe and the blue is available light at blue hour.

Could you say a few words about the photos you’ve taken with our new film?

So I basically tried my "style" on it, I've seen shots of it before and I wanted to see how it looked with different lighting, especially red, which is one of my favorite lights to shoot with. I just shot my girlfriend and different ideas I had at the time, just what came up to my mind.

Finally, what are your thoughts about the new Metropolis film?

I love it! It really came out so different than every film I've tried before, especially the red tones, 10/10 would shoot it again.

Pictures by Louis Dazy taken with a Nikon F2, 35mm lens and the LomoChrome Metropolis shot at 400 ISO. Model: Delphine Debuire

How did the overall look of the film complement your photographic style?

It really gave something different to shooting double exposures, as one lighting can be all blue and the other can be all red, both merge so smoothly in one frame on the Metropolis film. Also, the tones are way different from what we can experience with other films, they have this vintage/dreamy vibe, I love it.

In your own words, what makes this film unique?

The tones, the vintage vibe, it really is very different from everything I’ve shot before.

Would you use this film for street photography?

I've never shot street photography so I'm not sure I'd be the best to give the advice but yeah, I'm sure it fits pretty much every style of photography if you're looking to try something new and different.

Would you use this film for portraits?

Yeah for sure!

Pictures by Louis Dazy taken with a Nikon F2, 35mm lens and the LomoChrome Metropolis shot at 400 ISO. Model: Delphine Debuire

Based on your experience with the film, which situations do you think the film looks best?

Lots of colored lights! I know it wasn't meant for it, but it really came out awesome.

Would you recommend this film with studio lights? flash and strobes? natural or available light?


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