Le jardin des Halles


Located just above the famous shopping center “Le Forum des Halles”, in the heart of Paris, is the Jardin des Halles. Many Parisians and tourists frequent this garden of five acres of lawns free access. The garden is located where previously stood the “Halles de Paris”, a big covered market place for the supply of stores and restaurants, that was demolished in 1973.

(This market is now in the south suburbs of Paris for traffic reasons). This garden was designed by the architect Louis Arretche in 1986 and opened to the public in 1988.

The garden is built on slab , above the famous mall le “Forum des Halles”. It is organized around several aisles. Some are mails edged with lime and chestnut trees while others have many fountains and ponds.
The sculptor Francois-Xavier Lalanne is the author of a succession of arches and porticoes covered with vegetation that separate the different areas and allow to cross the garden through and through. The main outlooks have been preserved so anyone can admire from a distance most of the monuments that surround the garden, including the Stock Exchange of Commerce, the Forum des Halles and St. Eustache Church.

An avenue lined with three rows of trees provided by fountains leads to the vast square Cassin that lean against the church. Designed by architect Arretche in a very contemporary spirit, its tiles draw a maze. The contrast between the old and the modern is accentuated by the presence in the center of this place of an amazing sandstone statue weighing seventy tons, created by Henry Miller and representation a head bent resting on one hand. The work is titled “Listen.” The artist is also the author of the sundial built in the garden.

The west part garden includes a tropical house of 450 sq.m. illuminated by four glass pyramids. Children are not forgotten: they have their own playground inside the place, and some merry-go-rounds

The garden is bordered by two streets that offer a wide choice of restaurants and pubs, all of this in the heart of the french mythical capital!

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