#FilmSwapWorldwide Introduces EXP. 20 International Festival on Experimental Photography

Just when you think #FilmSwapWorldwide is winding down, they come back again to follow-up their creative and experimental efforts. After successfully launching a global film swap between film photographers and launching a book, they're kicking things up a notch with something bigger — a worldwide festival.

EXP. 20 © Courtesy of @solarigrafia and @cralisare

You may remember Pablo Giori from our past features, the man behind the #FilmSwapWorldwide project and a good friend of Lomography. He, along with co-director Laura Ligari and their team are inviting everyone to the EXP. 20 International Festival on Experimental Photography that will be held at Barcelona, Spain on January 17-20, 2020. This will be a much-anticipated follow-up to their previous projects as it will feature the work of 12 international film photographers who live and breath analogue. The three-day festival will include panel discussions, presentations of projects and experiences, workshops, and four collective and individual exhibitions — a treasure trove of information and experiences that any film photographer wouldn't want to miss.

EXP. 20 © Courtesy of @belenvilanova and @douglas_nicolson

The artists included in the roster are Raul Rodrigo Diaz, Carlos Baselga, Diego López Calvín, Renata Ursi, Douglas Nicolson, Maria Rojas, Llluís Estopiñan, Belén Vilanova, Joan Teixidor, Anna Peixet, Sibux, and Guy Paterson among others.

EXP. 20 © Courtesy of @lluis_estopinyan

They also launched a new website where you can find all the details for the international photography festival. They are also opening their doors to photographers who are interested in the festival. Interested parties may sign up for the festival and Pablo said that they set up a crowdfunding project to help with the development of the festival. The deadline for interested photographers who wish to participate festival is until the September 15, 2019.

If you're interested, you can find more information on their website and they are also active on Instagram Kudos to Pablo and the team behind this colossal event. We hope to see more of their work and may their passion for creative film photography inspire others to take more photographs!

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