How to Capture the Spirit of Summertime


What's more to summertime apart from the open skies and seas and the beach? There are many ways to capture the spirit of the season without being generic or cliché. Here, we ask film lovers and Lomographers Eda Öztürk a.k.a. sakuramiyao and Darren Zhu, mostly known as apollozdy on how to compose the best images that instantly says "summer"!

Credits: apollozdy, pete & miaumiau-wildekatze

Shoot in Color

For Darren, summer always means longer daytime and saturated colors. He'd use his Nikon F100 and F3, 50 mm f1.4 along with a Lomography Color Negative 400 film. Sometimes, he'd take his Diana F+ camera too with the 75 mm glass lens attached, loving the Lomographic colors that are developed. Even Eda swears by the Lomography Color Negative 400, switching it in between the Kodak Color Plus. So, take advantage of the powerful summer sunlight and burn more color negative rolls. Eda also suggested using rangefinder cameras to produce the best outcomes.

Credits: sakuramiyao, apollozdy & oldskool_rider

Wander for Life and Nature

Summertime means more light and daytime. Apart from the usual signifiers of summer such as the beach, Eda believes that summer is best represented by nature -- specifically, "a forest full of long and stylish trees….and a high cliff where the sun overshadows where you can watch nature unfold". Already planning for a camping trip? There's nothing more summery than an outing in the woods. If not, you can still take summer-themed images in your daily life. Darren takes pictures every day during his lunch break at work, looking for any signs of 'living' in the urban landscape.

"I enjoy walking around the park or residential area to find something interesting. As you know, summer is the best season for people to walk around nearby their living area. So I think to try to explore something new which you already familiar with will also be interesting."
Credits: apollozdy & sakuramiyao

The Element of Fun

The best way of capturing the spirit of summertime is by finding the element of fun in a moment. Summertime means, summer break, long vacations, recreation and relaxation. Both Eda and Darren believe that 'fun' is an important component to your summer pictures, making every shot extra special and stand out more. Darren says:

"I think the best way to capture the summer is by catching the exciting moment. Such as a smile of people during a summer trip, a relax shadow behind a tree, a sunset by the sea, etc."

Look for seasonal summer flowers, summer sports activities and the delicious food which are seasonal to summertime, for instance, ice cream, watermelon and so on. Don't forget to add smiling and laughing faces too!

Credits: bccbarbosa, theghostfactory, xkelx & anarchy

In the Moment

You only live once, so try to get in the moment! Don't fuss too much about the details and take pleasure in spontaneity. For Eda, it's the kind of magic you'll need: "To take the best summer photos I believe you need a few magical things. It’s a mix of unrehearsed behavior, good timing and a good angle of living in the moment and your feelings surrounding it. I believe the best photographs come from certain special feelings."

Summertime is the perfect season for you to dip your toes in various creative experiments, The Lomographic lifestyle is at its peak. Don't be afraid of failing making mistakes, allow that blurry, light-leaking, overexposed and underexposed shots to see the day. We highly recommend using the Lomo'Instant Square Glass or the Diana Instant Square in shooting the most candid moments.

Credits: apollozdy, domemerson, kylethefrench, kobkob & sovulia

As Eda would say, "Try more, dream more, see more!" Unleash your creative energy in the spirit of summer.

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