Iridescent Analogue: An Interview with Riddle Viernes

Photographer Shuangge Song, mostly known as Riddle Viernes, has a knack for mixing up fact and fantasy. With the use of the multiple exposure technique in film photography, he creates retro-futuristic amalgamations of light, color, and subject, resulting in prismatic imagery. Looking through his works, his compositions are akin to the rainbow. There's an emphasis on having everything to make things look fantastically three-dimensional.

Get to know more about Riddle through this interview.

Hi Riddle, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Firstly, tell us more about your film grind. How did it start? What made you stick to film?

Hey, first, thanks for the interview! Well, I started when I was about 14 years old, by simply have no money to buy a digital full frame camera. And later it became the only tool I use to create and record this world, cuz every roll has max 39 shots, just can not waste any frame of it.

You mostly shoot in color and play with double exposures, giving out that retro vibe. May you tell us what's the reason behind your aesthetic?

Double exposure can tell more information than a single shot, you can combine those two exposures to create whatever you want to say.

When doing double-exposures, do you pre-plan them or just go with the flow?

I always preplan my shootings. Sometimes it doesn’t work but at least I will know how to resolve it.

As a photographer, what's the most important element for you when composing your photos?

The most important thing is ONLY to think about the composition based on what I´ve planned. So this will keep the theme at its range.

If you can collaborate with any person for whatever endeavour (photography or not), who would it be and why?

I will probably collab with Cody Klintworth, or Louis Dazy, 'cuz god they are too good, I wanna see what they do and think when they create their works if it is possible.

What's an ordinary day look like for Riddle Viernes?

Well for me, an ordinary day…getting up around 9, and talk about some trending topics with my friends, maybe a coffee, then afternoon I have my photography classes(I study photography at an art college), and then at sunset time I take some shots for my projects and maybe just for social media to let people know I´m still alive, and at night some Netflix episodes with my neighbours…nothing special.

Any on-going project, or other plans you're keen to work on?

Yea, currently I´m working on a new personal project which is called “Road Trip”, check it out on my IG RiddleViernes and later on my website(, it´s under construction). It´s about the forgotten places around the world. By the way, I have a collective project too, and it´s under development since last year, the IG is AFilmCosmos, check it out if you guys want, it´s growing really fast.

Thanks for having us, Riddle! See more inspiring analogue work by Riddle through his website and Instagram. All image rights reserved to Riddle Viernes.

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