Initial Thoughts about the LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400


The successfully funded LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400 is receiving warm and more-than-welcoming reviews from the most passionate and dedicated film photographers around, believing that the future of analogue now rests upon the Metropolis' innovative and game-changing qualities. We have Helena Dietenberger, Nicola D'Orta and Samuel Eder share their first thoughts upon using the film.

Model: Khrystina Losyuk. Photos: Samuel Eder (VIE), Nicola D'Orta (ITA), Helena Dietenberger (VIE)

A Versatile Film According to Helena Dietenberger

When Vienna-based photographer Helena Dietenberger tested the film, she was also comparing the emulsion to another color negative film. To have a comparative analysis on the LomoChrome Metropolis and the other color negative film with regards to lighting conditions, Helena went with a couple of friends for an outdoor photoshoot. She found that the new Lomography film changes qualities depending on the daylight. Under bright daylight, there's the desaturated color and defined contrasts. In less well-lit or shadowy settings, the results become softer and dream-like.

"I think it’s a very versatile film and I can’t wait to use it for future projects. It’s so rare that we get new and exciting films these days, so this is one that I’m definitely looking forward to!"
Photos: Helena Dietenberger (VIE)

Nicola D’Orta: Uniqueness in High Quality

Italian photographer Nicola D'Orta loves the LomoChrome Metropolis' unique palette. He and model Khrystina Losyuk went to the docks for an outdoor fashion shoot, shooting through backlight without a panel or fill-in flash.

"Shooting in low-light, the film has gorgeous spots of colors in the red but keeps great cold tones. Exposed to 400 ISO, this film was a real and full of detail in the shadows and with a delicious and fine grain, I mean, it’s a symbol of the high-quality film... In any case, I appreciate it very much. I can say that I am fully satisfied with this new film."
Model: Khrystina Losyuk. Photos: Nicola D'Orta (ITA)

Samuel Eder: Urban Nostalgia

Photographer Samuel Eder also tried to shoot the LomoChrome Metropolis under varying lighting conditions and environments in a street shoot with his lover. The photographs with taken with the film reminded him of the old classic positive films from the '60s and '70s -- only, the Metropolis is actually a color negative film, making it easier to process. He prefers using the film for landscape and cityscape photography, particularly by the river on a sunny day, where the sky and water will be perfectly captured.

"The unique color palette and dynamic handling gave my photographs a truly unique look. I will definitely throw a roll of Metropolis into the mix on my next adventure, I can already see the prints coming to life before my eyes... The promise of the first truly new color negative combined the mystery surrounding its development made it the most exciting film I have ever tested. As I loaded the freshly developed roll into the scanner, I instantly fell in love. Metropolis captured every scene I had shots in an original, and terribly charming light – unlike anything else out there. I can not wait to load up my next roll!"
Photos: Samuel Eder (VIE)

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