Through the Years: Customized Lomo'Instant Cameras


The future of instant cameras will always be exciting. That's definitely one of the things that we've learned since Lomography started developing and making its own line of instant cameras years ago. Aside from the technical aspect of the journey, the creative and aesthetic side is also something to take note of. In the past years, Lomography teamed up with illustrators and artists that made a mark (literally and figuratively) in the hearts and minds of instant photography lovers due to their quirky, beautiful, and fresh designs. Here are some of the most noteworthy designs from our favorite artists:

Spirit of Spontaneity: Elen Winata

Favoring a clean design that stands out with vibrant colors and crisp illustrations, Singaporean artist Elen Winata created a custom Lomo'Instant that is both bold and detailed. Elen worked with the idea of the Lomo'Instant as being the perfect companion for spontaneous moments and her signature vector art style reflects just that. From coffee dates to a quick walk on the park, this stylish custom camera can be your constant creative tool and you'll also look good doing it.

Beauty in the Natural: Mok Zijie

The color black provided a neutral subject to work with for artist Mok Zijie. Known for his naturalist approach to painting, Mok used the black Lomo'Instant to create a functional work of art. He transformed the bare surfaces of the camera into a nature-inspired painting proving that simplicity can never go out of style.

Of Luck and Good Fortune: Ella Lama

Traveling became the main inspiration for this custom Lomo'Instant Automat designed by Manila-based illustrator Ella Lama. Her trip to Japan gave her the idea of using Japanese symbols for luck and good fortune for her two camera designs. Carps and cranes found their way home in loveable instant cameras all thanks to the crafty hands of such a talented artist. Ella went out of her usual art style with these designs and we're more than happy to see the beautiful outcome!

Memories of Home: Marie Toh

Art will always find a way to use memory as a muse. For international artist Marie Toh, it was only right to use memories of her home as inspiration for her Lomo'Instant artwork. Marie fondly used the floor pattern of her childhood home as the focal point of her painting. Marie proved that art, when backed by something powerful like the memories of one's youth, can be beautiful in more ways than one.

Do you have a personal favorite custom Lomo'Instant design? Share with us your bets in the comments section below!

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