Instantly Analogue: Cool Creatives of Lomography's Instant Camera Collection

Lomography's growing family of instant cameras just keeps pushing instant photography towards the future as more and more unique features and creative control are embedded by Lomography. We list down a special few of our favorite Lomography instant camera projects that graced the magazine so far.

Bono Stellar: Fragmented Composites with the Lomo'Instant Automat

Malaysian artist Nawwar Shukriah Ali, a.k.a. Bono Stellar has a penchant for the creative mess. She does not want to be boxed into a singular style, thus she's always seeking and finding new ways to create art through various medium. As such, she has found a compatible partner when she tried out the Lomo'Instant Automat. Bono's instant shots reflect her love for exploring, bursts of color and impeccable visual storytelling, using multiple-exposure technique to deliver the theme of her images.

"Yes, it was my first time and it was quite fun to experiment with the multi-exposures. My first few shots were not so good but then I experimented with few ideas and stories for each photo and shared some emotions in few of them."

Alfredo Buonanno's Parisian Runway with the Lomo'Instant Wide

Photographer Alfredo Buonanno a retro-lover at heart. When is friend Sergio introduced him to the Lomo'Instant Wide Central Park, it was an instant crush (no pun intended)! In a visit to Paris, he started testing out the camera with model Viktoriya Tori for a street fashion photoshoot, using all the unique creative controls that the Lomo'Instant WIde provides.

"Shooting with my new Lomo’Instant Wide Central Park was amazing from the first shoot! (the black sheet too, I was so excited that I have forgotten it). No challenges encountered, I’m a polaroid collector too (I own about 40 instant cameras), I love shooting instant pictures. They are so powerful to give back emotion in an unaffected and unchangeable way... In my opinion, wide angle lens, multiexposure and PC-sync are so fantastic feature for an instant camera."

Bringing Visual Graphics to Life: Portefoin on the Lomo'Instant Square

The shop owners of Portefoin Maon and Julien, have already gotten their hands with the Lomo'Instant Square for a collaborative project. Owners of Portefoin wanted a visual representation of how they curate and handle their flowers in accordance with their artistic creed. With the help of Pierre P. Marchal a.k.a., they finished an instant photography project that brought out the graphic quality of reality. Interior design and floral photography have never looked this good! When asked what they'll keep focusing on a subject with the Lomo'Instant Square, they answered they'll keep photographing the loves of their lives -- flowers.

"We liked the possibility offered by the multiple exposure mode and the square format. It's graphical."

The Quirky Streets: Simeon Smith with the Diana Instant Square

For Lomographer Simeon Smith, the Diana F+ will always have a special place in his heart. It was no surprise when he was also enchanted with the Diana Instant Square. Wanting to do more portraiture work, he contacted his friends Dan and Lindsey to set up a photo shoot in the sunny streets of Wales.

"I love both the original Diana lens and the Superwide lens and use them all the time on my Diana F+. Having both of them rendered to a new format was wonderful! I also really like the way the telephoto looks on the Instax film, and the vignetting of all the lenses is amazing on instant."

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