Drew Nikonowicz: This World and Others Like It

Our friend Drew Nikonowicz has taken analogue photography forward through This World and Others Like It, a series of digital and analogue composites of landscapes, objects, interiors, and textures. Now, he's back with the series, this time as a photography book – this futuristic world is now in your hands. Get to know more about his work and progressive principles on photography through this feature.

For Drew, This World and Others Like It is a discovery of sorts. Having taken photography courses had deepened his understanding with technologies – both old and new – thus a new way of seeing the world. Drew worked on the series until 2017. before deciding to turn it into a book with Yoffy Press and FW: Books.

The internet was already born before Drew was born. As such, he never experienced the common 'othering' of digital and analogue mediums and embraced in being in the cusp of it. Naturally, he started to combine both methods into his work.

"I think they're both amazing tools and I am happy people continue to use them. No matter what process you use to make images, a great photograph is a great photograph!"

The images in the series are highly reminiscent of outer space. There's a feeling of familiarity and estrangement in these black-and-white shots, just like the universe itself.

Lately, Drew has been busying himself with his new company, Standard Cameras, dedicating itself to affordable 4x5 DIY view cameras and expanding the use and joy of analogue photography. An analogue photography workshop is going to be held later this year at the Lilstreet Art Center in Chicago, led by Drew himself.

"Analog photography isn't going anywhere. There is still a massive and growing community of film photographers, myself included. Schools are still teaching it, new companies keep appearing, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. It's definitely an exciting time to be shooting film!"

He's also working on a new project which will explore the relationship between man and images as well as its influences on humanity, and how memories are often overwritten by photographs.

For more of his works, visit his website and Instagram. Get your copy of his moving series on the FW: Books shop.

written by cielsan on 2019-06-09

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