Five Years of Endless Possibilities: Compositions from Lomo'Instant Mini Masters

The Lomo'Instant Mini is one of the spearheads of reuniting the art of instant photography to artists and photographers of the 21st century. Now, more people get to experience the analogue routine through an easier, hassle-free, spontaneous medium. Several works of Instax Mini art have been created for over the past five years, but here are our favorites, shot with the Lomo'Instant Mini camera.

Ian Hobson: Bright Lights on Dark Nights

UK-based photographer Ian Hobson started out his Lomo'Instant Mini endeavors with light painting. Light painting has always been a part of Ian's life, having already tested it out since the late 80s. By 2004 his works are signature with the neon beams during the night. Accompanying his Lomo'Instant Min was the Pixelstick, a versatile light painting accessory. The results of his signature style on an instant camera did not disappoint and further eased his creative control:

"I’m enjoying using the Lomo' Instant as it’s a very effective way of dispelling the idea that the light forms I create are in some way digitally generated or enhanced, but also offers the benefits of being able to see if a shot worked, and if not, adjust accordingly and repeat until the desired effect is achieved. All the shots are single exposures created in bulb mode, using a cable release to control the opening and closing of the shutter."

Fashion Forward in Analogue with Emmanuele Ferrari

Photographer Emmanuele Ferrari prefers his fashion shoot shot in analogue. Taking with him models Marta and Karina, the Ying and Yang of the catwalk, he went to Ibiza for a four-day photo shoot using the Lomo'Instant. The results yield to very Lomographic shots.

“Cameras, lenses and clothes everywhere; I feel at home in an ‘ordered’ mess! The backstage photographs are strictly made with my Lomo’Instant, adding a vintage taste to these stolen moments.”

Joe Nigel Colemon on a Scenic and Spontaneous Rediscovery

Melbourne-based photographer Joel Nigel Colemon already gave up shooting instant film several years ago when makers and instant camera production declined to none. Now, the passion is rekindled through the Lomo'Instant Mini, and he puts the camera to the test by capturing the sunny landscapes of Mojave Desert and Tasmania, unleashing the full potential of the instant camera by making the most colorful vistas.

"I’ve always loved the colors and tones that you get from Fuji Instax film so was pretty stoked when I found out about a camera that gives you so much control. Being able to take timed exposures with the bulb setting & being able to adjust the exposure up or down a few stops lets me create photos that turn out exactly how I imagine them."

A Test of Weather Endurance with Britta Burger

When not being on-the-job as a founder and editor of magazines, Britta Burger spends her leisure time indulging herself as a film photography enthusiast. Curious about all things that are analogue, she brought with her a Lomo'Instant Mini to a snowy trip in Austria. According to Britta, the Lomo'Instant Mini is a keeper for all of time, place, even the weather.

"I decided to shoot a series of snowy nature images in Austria, the dreamy quality of the pictures captured the frosty midwinter feel of the day perfectly, plus the Lomo’Instant seemed very sturdy and was straightforward to use."

Marie Toh on Chiaroscuro and a Terrazzo Lomo'Instant

Singaporean photographer Marie Toh customized a Lomo'Instant Mini using special pigment and patterns as design. Afterward, she loaded a pack of Instax MIni for an indoor concept shoot that plays with both light and shadow. Thus, the series "Home". The ideas is to create these images into familiar and intimate memories, and that's what her terrazzo-patterned Lomo'Instant Mini delivered.

"It [Lomo'Instant Mini] was a lot larger than expected, but lightweight, which makes it easy to bring around. I like how it's compact and simple and the instructions were really easy to follow. I went around the theme of 'Home'; since I've been living in two different countries the past year. An essential element of what creates a 'Home' is our memories, which mirrors how an instant camera is able to capture that moment and turn it into a memory. I decided to go with the terrazzo pattern, a floor pattern that my childhood home used to have which to me represented where I belong and came from. For the medium, I used acrylic paint."
Photos by Marie Toh

Multiple-Exposure Master Matthieu Vautrin

One of the main advantages of the Lomo'Instant Mini is the MX mode, a special feature in almost every Lomography camera. Of course, photographer Matthieu Vautrin immediately took the opportunity to test the feature out in a street shoot in Paris and Roma, with his lover as his muse,

"After a few tests, I got nice results, actually much better than I expected from an instant camera... I don’t think too much about the settings, just capture what you see or have in mind at the moment, the result will be fine! Just remember for the double exposure shots to take first the picture of the scene that will appear in the dark details of the second one. It works better that way."

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