Quick Tips: Photographing Flowers in Springtime


Spring is fleeting, which is a good reason to step out and capture nature in bloom. While it's fairly easy to photograph flowers since they are effortlessly photogenic subjects, there are some tips that you can try to make your photos livelier.

Credits: japsix

Zoom In

A cluster of flowers is lovely to look at, and usually our first instinct is to capture the big picture. But up close, there are intricate details and soft gradients that are unique to each and every flower. Put on a macro lens and highlight these delicate qualities in your photos.

Credits: rockashroom, vodny, kleeblatt, bravebird & hellborsh

Double the Details

Maybe you want more than just a straightforward snap of flowers. Maybe you're feeling a bit experimental than usual. Well, if you're after a more surreal effect, doing double or multiple exposures is the easiest way to accomplish this. It's especially great when you're shooting portraits and silhouettes, because flowers make great textures. With this technique, you're sure to get unique results.

Credits: tsingtao, endorphin, hodachrome & anafaro

Try Different Angles

It's almost instinctive to shoot flowers in eye-level or from the top. How about shooting from beneath them? Lay a blanket and capture those flowers towering over you!

Credits: hodachrome, kleeblatt, takutakutomika, emkei & furn7973

Be a Little Moody

While it's generally a no-brainer that shooting in bright daylight results in brilliant photos, shooting during sunsets can be nice, too. Use fill flash when necessary or experiment with limited lighting to create moody shots. A camera such as the Lomo LC-A+ or Diana F+ is also ideal if you want vignettes framing your floral subject.

Credits: pearlgirl77, mafiosa & xsara

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