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Lomographer Eric Nie a.k.a. ericnie takes us back to his family trip to Tokyo through the lens of his LC-A+ paired with the Kodak Gold 200. While most photographers go to tourist or famous photo-spots, Eric prefers to spend his traveling as if he's immersing into the daily lives of locals. Here's how the trip went down, according to the words and pictures of Eric.

Credits: ericnie

It is very exciting for me to have a family trip to Tokyo, although I have told my wife I want to be there many times. This time I brought my LC-A+ for 135 films and HongMei HM-1 120 camera.

Most things that impressed me is Tokyo's complex subway system. It seems a lot of trains share same subways, we have several times enter a wrong train and go to a wrong place, and it spent us a lot of times to understand the meaning of google maps and train system, it is an interesting experience. We have been to the crowded city and been to the country which is called LianChang, the street is clean the people are nice everywhere. The subway is very quiet not like our subway, some person read books and others read the mobile.

Credits: ericnie

I also met a college friend in Tokyo, he works there for a long time and stayed in place near the city. We had a drink in a bar and talked to each other. For me, that is a very nice experience.

For Tokyo, I like the snapshot style of image and although they are not perfect, sometimes they are very special and give me a lot of surprises. LC-A+ is very comfortable for me, but because I bring some expired Kodak 200, so maybe it seems dark. but I like these photos and it is distinct in my memory.

I think my favorite space is Kamakura, which is a small place near the city of Tokyo. And In Tokyo, my favorite is the Tokyo Sky Tree. Some more tips: I recommend eating street food. I really like the Lamian Noodles. I also like Plum wine which can buy from Lawson. I remember a restaurant near the Akihabara, they have windows to see the train outside, that is a very good place for photographers to hang around.

Credits: ericnie

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