Around the World in Analogue: Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park


For Lomographer Ennuh Tiu a.k.a. ennuhchew, traveling is best spent on going to places most tourists haven't explored. Extraordinary spots like the Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park is one of them. The theme park is located in Seoul, South Korea, and was built in 1980. The park became forgotten by 2011 when better amusement parks were built. Check out this park through the words and pictures of Ennuh, captured with her Canon Tele 6 paired with the LomoChrome Purple film.

I went with some friends to Seoul during the Winter, which was an interesting experience, since I was living in a tropical country where it's almost always summer all year round, and this was my first time experiencing winter.

As a traveler, I'm really drawn more to unusual places rather than tourist spots, not saying I don't visit them at all, but I like to leave space in my itinerary for something out of the ordinary. I also have a penchant for reading creepy stories, and so what I was most excited about was not visiting Seoul's best-known tourist destinations or even its glorious street food, but something off the beaten path -- an abandoned theme park.

Ever since I saw some photos a Lomographer took using the Lomochrome Purple in a theme park, it has been my goal to try it. Lomochrome Purple is perfect in giving a sort of a post Apocalyptic feel. I don't know if I was able to achieve it, but I love the results anyway!

At first, I didn't find the vibe of the theme park creepy at all, maybe this was because I was with some friends and there were already people there. The vibe changed a bit after sunset, and the upper floor was definitely creepy, because there were no people when I went up, and it was just a dump of unused things. This was definitely the mood I wanted.

What seemed even more creepy, was when I took this image, I knew I still had more shots, but my roll suddenly rewinded. I was really worried about my roll is blank but it's a good thing these photos came out! If you want to visit Yongma Land, I recommend including the second floor as there are a lot of gems in there that are really interesting to photograph.

AAAAND, THAT'S IT! Hope you were able to get enough story from what I wrote above.

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written by cielsan on 2019-05-03

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