Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII First Impressions with Geoffrey Yahya Vargas

Geoffrey Yahya Vargas is a French photographer, he tested for us the new Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII and offers us his series of soft and intimate images. This lens allows precise bokeh control and is perfect for portraits.

Pictures by Geoffrey Yahya Vargas with the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII.

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

Every subject can be interesting, but working with models allows me to have someone at the center of my work. I use them as the characters of my little fictions.

You mostly shoot analog pictures and you had the chance to previously test our Lomo LC-A 120 and our Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens with the Lomography Color Negative film. What difference did you find taking digital pictures with the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII? If you had to choose between the two, what would you do?

I think that both film and digital photography are here to help us realize the idea that we have in mind. I don't believe one is better than the other. For example, for this photo shoot, I took advantage of digital to do something more "fashion", cleaner.

What were your first impressions with the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII?

I really loved the lens, indeed it helped me break the effect, sometimes too clean, kind of "clinical" of digital. The bokeh is amazing.

What did you want to tell with your photos?

I don't really ask myself that question. It's usually during the shooting that the images begin to impose themselves, and with them the atmosphere, the codes, I mean everyone is free to imagine his own scenario...

Pictures by Geoffrey Yahya Vargas with the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII.

Looking at your photographs, it feels like entering into some kind of intimacy, how do you give this atmosphere to your shots?

I think everything is happening at the moment, I try to put the person in front of me at ease. We talk, we laugh. I spend a lot of time watching and looking for the moment that I will want to freeze taking the picture.

What did the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII allow you to do differently?

It allowed me to get closer to my subject, more than usual.

If you had to pick one sentence to describe Photography?

I don't know if this really answers your question, but I really like this quote from Robert Capa that took me time to fully understand: "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough."

Pictures by Geoffrey Yahya Vargas with the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII.

Do you practice another artistic discipline?

Less today but music has long been an important part of my life.

If you weren't a photographer you would have been?

The same person with more time to kill.

What is more attractive to you, color or black & white?

The black and white is very enchanting but I like to play with the different atmospheres made possible thanks to the colors.

One last word?

Thanks again to Eva and Andrea.

Pictures by Geoffrey Yahya Vargas with Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII.

Model: Leevibel
Assistant: Andrea Mejia Yahya Vargas
Photo editing: Agathe Vastel

You can find more about Geoffrey Yahya Vargas' work on his website, as well as his Instagram.

The Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 MKII is created with discerning photographers and filmmakers in mind. This versatile 55mm art lens brings the unique look of Joseph Petzval’s original lens to full frame mirrorless cameras. This art lens is designed to allow full creative flexibility, with its 7 levels of Bokeh Control and Dual Aperture system. Its optics are optimized to retain the signature swirly bokeh without compromising image sharpness where it counts. It is an indispensable addition to your creative arsenal. Pre-order yours now in our online store.

2019-05-23 #news #people
translated by Anna Carestia

New Petzval 55mm f/1.7 MKII Bokeh Control

Introducing the New Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 — the first Lomography Art Lens designed specifically for the ever-growing mirrorless market. The Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 features refined optics, a sleek industrial design, and a better-than-ever bokeh control system. We’ve added a delicately smooth focusing ring and a new stopless aperture diaphragm for video functionality, making the Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 more flexible than its predecessors.

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