Petzval 58 All Access: On the Road with Julia Khoroshilov


Brooklyn-based photographer Julia Khoroshilov recently traveled to Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho to document the band The Muckers both on and off the stage. Using our Petzval 58 Bokeh Control art lens, Julia captures something reminiscent of early rock and roll. She chatted with us about why she loves working with musicians and snapping it all on film.

©Julia Khoroshilov

Hi Julia. Introduce yourself and your work to the community.

Hi! My name is Julia Khoroshilov and I’m a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. This series is about my trip with Brooklyn band, The Muckers, to Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho, what I saw, and the people I met while there. This series is really special to me because I met The Muckers exactly a year ago - thank you so much, Lomography!

These photos were shot with two different bands: The Muckers and Anemone. What do you like about being a part of the music scene?

To me, the music scene feels like one big giant community, that's what I love about it. Being able to share moments with people who love music just as much as I do.

©Julia Khoroshilov

Pick a photo and tell us the story behind it.

So there are two below images that go together in this series of a story that I would like to tell...

While in Boise, Idaho, on a cool Saturday morning, The Muckers boys and I all woke up feeling a little anxious because Emir was so sick that he could barely sing. They were supposed to play the main stage of Treefort Music Festival later that day. Chris, Emir, and I decided to go to the store to find some sort of magic potion that would heal him quick. We ended up finding this medicine called "Singers" which was actually for singers, and we thought it was a hilarious coincidence because it ended up helping him right away. On our walk back to the hotel feeling very relieved, we stumbled upon the loveliest yard sale with the sweetest family running it. Either Chris or Emir found an eccentric yellow and black jacket with beautiful details on it. I ran over to try it on, but it was too big. Emir tried it on next and it fit like a glove - it was clearly made for him! As we were leaving, a young girl named Emily was sitting on the stoop of her home drinking soda pop in brown cowboy boots (the girl in the photo) and gave us the biggest smile. As The Muckers were getting ready for their show later that day, the next photo is of Emir taking one final glance at himself in his new jacket.

©Julia Khoroshilov

What is it like to create art with other artists?

Creating art with other artists is the best because the whole process is a collaboration. It’s really fun when you meet an artist whose style really clicks with you — visually, musically, and aesthetically. It's also an interesting challenge when you work with someone who has a very diverse style. Before a shoot, I’ll listen to the artist’s music over and over until I really feel what the artist is about and what message or emotion it is that they’re putting out into the world. From there, I take it to envision what we can make of the image. Although I don’t like to plan shot by shot, I’m very spontaneous; as long we have the concept down, I feel that we can take it from there by playing around with poses and movements.

©Julia Khoroshilov

A lot of music photographers now shoot digitally. Why shoot film?

Film over digital any day. I began with film when I first started taking photos about three years ago and only just got my first digital camera about a couple of months ago. You can only alter digital images so much, and as much as you do, it just doesn’t achieve the same quality that film does. Aside from how appealing the format is, it also taught me how to be particular on what and when I choose to take a photograph. Since I was self-taught as well, I find that you also learn a lot more about the mechanics of a camera when you shoot with film.

Check out more of Julia's work on her website and Instagram.

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