Unexpected Inhabitants — Seeing the World in Double Exposures


Seeing the world and all its beauty is never easy and yet it can be one of the most fulfilling things ever. Ask any traveler, adventurer, or nomad and you'll hear more than a couple of stories describing how magnificent our world really is. Luckily for us who can't uproot ourselves from our homelands, there's a way we can see the world just by flipping a page. Pablo Giori's new book titled Unexpected Inhabitants can be your portal to lands and cities unseen — and every photograph was shot with film.

Unexpected Inhabitants © Pablo Giori

You may remember Pablo for his tremendous work on #FilmSwapWorldwide — the global film swap project we featured a while back and it appears he was just getting started with that. He compiled all of his correspondence with more than 40 film photographers from all over the world to bring us this insightful read. Poetic at times with his words, Pablo describes what film photography means to him and how we, as visual storytellers, can use it to see our world differently and paint it with our own colors and light.

© Filmswap with @parnsant in Tanger, @mion_photography in Groningen, @lauraligari in Barcelona and @changstreet in Valparaiso.

Unexpected Inhabitants was written with much thought and love for film photography. It describes how we can use simple tools to create something that can connect people from different cultures and nationalities. It's a string of images that show how a single image of the place we call “home” can bring us together. Pablo also discusses in his book the 12 Key Ideas of double exposures and shares his knowledge and experience to his readers. The outcome? A social and visual experience that any analogue photographer can appreciate.

If you're interested in Pablo's book, you may visit his website for more information.

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    Cool 👌 I don't know if he was the first person who found this fun worldwide filmswap idea. I thought some lomographer at this site who found this idea for the first time. Thanks to hakimbo singapore and mikey davies who asked me to did filmswap for the first time at the same time. Believe me it's really addicted

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