Holidays in Fuerteventura


This was the first big trip for me and ‘the lady’, which was decided one night with friends and drinks. This was it, we’re gonna go to The Canaries! Fuerteventura is the oldest from the Canaries. The place is a surfing paradise. The landscape is perfect too!

First thing was to find the house of our dream vacation for the planned week. Easy game, we found a villa with a swimming pool in the middle of nowhere for us. Google maps only showed us a football area, nothing else really visible. This was perfect. The village is called Lajares and is in the north of Fuerteventura Island. A low cost company’s flight later and we were in that windy island!

This Island is the oldest from the Canaries. It’s really flat like Belgium so I wasn’t disappointed. What really differs from Belgium is the weather from 20 to 30°C all year long. This is due to the Sirocco, with its hot wind coming from the Sahara. Cactus, sand and wind for everyone!

There are a lot of foreigners in Lajares. There’s even a French pancake bar. Really good pancakes in fact! The landscape, we had in the morning, was so beautiful! A few mounts, mucho desert and no noise are so relaxing! When you approach the road, you see a bunch of old VW vans with surfboards on the top. Volcanic sand and white sand on the different beaches, blue lagoon and hot water was there everyday. It’s also a paradise for kite surfers. That wind and that beach, are impossible to resist! There are some nice spots for surfers with wonderful waves and the nature for only viewer! Next time, I’ll try surfing!

For the moment, it’s a place where I could retire when I will be older! Check It!

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  1. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    oooh ! c'est beau !

  2. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    oooh, a beautiful escape ;)

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