Tour Diary: On the Road with Louis The Child

Chicago-based electronic duo Louis The Child took the Diana Mini and Simple Use cameras with them while on their headlining tour in Europe. We chatted with them about recent projects, life on the road, and capturing memories on film.

Hi! Please introduce yourself and your music to our community.

We are Louis The Child! We're a duo from Chicago that makes electronic music and writes really short bios.

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You recently released an EP and an alternate version of remixes. What else have you been up to and how have those releases changed your lives?

We've been in the studio a lot, working on an album. We're not taking on as many shows this summer so we can focus on finishing music and putting it out. We're really excited about everything in the works, and have a lot of cool sessions coming up that we're also excited about! Our song ""Better Not, which was on our "last EP "Kids At Play has been our biggest release yet, so it's been amazing to travel the world, and see people get so excited to hear it, and sing the words to it. It's been really cool to see Better Not connect with so many people.

©Louis The Child

These photos were taken on your European tour. What does a regular day on tour look like for you?

A typical day on tour differs depending on where we're touring and how we're traveling from place to place. The Europe tour was a mixture of flying and driving in a sprinter van. The tour was pretty short but we covered a lot of places on it. Most days, we'd wake up (as most humans do) after 1-3 hours of sleep, and drive/fly to whichever city we were playing in. We'd get to a hotel and usually need a little nap, or we'd just go explore the city with whatever time we have (a good amount of the pictures we took came from a day off in Amsterdam and walks through Berlin and Paris). Around 4 pm, we'd have soundcheck at the venue and after that, we'd hang backstage with our team until the show. We got to have Andrew Luce come out as our opener, and he played some great sets and we got to hang out and talk about music/production/life before the shows. We went on around 9:15pm most nights and after the shows, we would hang out and talk with fans and then either go out in the city or go back to the hotel and make music. Then we do it again the next day.

©Louis The Child

What was your favorite part about documenting your time on the road with film?

It's always fun to shoot with film because you never know exactly how everything will look until you get the film developed. We usually forget half of what we've captured, so getting the film back always comes with surprises. In an age where you can take as many photos as you want and instantly see them, you're able to snap and snap away until you have the shot you want. Shooting with film forces us to take a second to put more thought into what and when we're shooting, and it helps remind us to look for what moments we want to remember. We loved shooting with the Diana Mini because it's easy to bring on the go, and the half frame option was a cool feature we'd never used on a camera before. It was fun to try to look for scenes or colors that would look interesting next to each other.

Pick a photo and tell us the story behind it.

©Louis The Child

The pictures on this frame were taken less than 24 hours apart and feel like a good representation of how the tour was with all the traveling. The one on the left was taken in Barcelona the day we landed in Europe and the one on the right was taken the next day in Amsterdam. We're in so many different environments while traveling on tour. One day we're staying at a hotel in the middle of a metropolitan city and the next day we're walking around a canal filled city that speaks a different language than the one before.

©Louis The Child

What things can we expect from you in 2019?

An album is the plan! Some new remixes, maybe a beat tape, taking photos, making art, who knows what else!

Check out Louis The Child's music on Spotify and keep up with the band on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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