Bangkok Daydream: LomoAmigo Ching Kai Shoots with the Neptune Art Lens

Composition is key to shooting a good photograph and LomoAmigo Ching Kai knows that all too well. His Instagram feed is filled with impeccably framed shots and with just a quick glance at his photos, you'll know that he doesn't leave things to chance. Armed with the Neptune Art Lens, he shares with us his view of Bangkok — clear and crisp for all to see.

What once started as a hobby discovered through Instagram, photography became a staple on CK's life as a creative. Visuals play a big role in his career as a creative director and that's why it's no surprise that photography lets him express himself. This is what CK had to say when asked how photography fits into his life:

“Photography is telling a story through the eye and lens. I enjoy conceptualizing and crafting these stories visually, exploring various tools and kits to accentuate my story-telling.”

He also shares with us how the Neptune Art Lens adapted to his style of shooting. With a variety of focal lengths to choose from, CK was able to take his shots on command and without worry — clean, crisp, and clear just like how he visualizes the images in his mind. In this particular shoot in Bangkok, CK chose a different route when it came to the background and feel of the shoot although he maintained his signature composition style mixed with more toned down colors.

If you're a fan of CK's photography, you would know about his minimalist way of taking photographs. Clean lines are his thing and the Neptune Art Lens seemed to fit right into his distinct style. CK showed in this set that there is no reason to get boxed in and that a fresh pair of eyes will do you more good than just sticking to the formula.

“I always enjoy shooting with prime lenses because principally it mimics how the eye sees. The drop-in aperture plates give a wide scope of options when achieving different bokeh effects. I enjoy shooting people as a key subject, and with three different interchangeable lenses, I could play with the varying apertures to lend different depths of focus.

Style is something you discover and nurture on your own. It's good to emulate the masters but developing your own process in your own way will be leaps and bounds greater for your photographic journey.

We asked him if he had any tips for beginners — with the Neptune Art Lens or with other gear — and his answer was simple:

“Don't think too much about the technicalities. Just keep shooting and experimenting!”

We couldn't have said it better.

We would like to thank CK for working with us in this feature. If you're interested in his work, you may visit his website or give him a follow in Instagram

written by Marc Ocampo on 2019-04-27 #people #places #bangkok #neptune-art-lens #ching-kai

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