Around the World in Analogue: Magnificent India


Two years ago, Lomographer Fer Montero, known as mferim in the Community, undertook her backpacking trip to the regal country of India, exploring mostly the capital city that is Delhi, and the "Pink City", Jaipur. With her Diana Mini loaded with the Lomography X-Pro 200 35 mm, Fer recalls her journey with this self-written travelogue.

Credits: mferim

The story begins two years ago. I needed an adventure, magic or something different so, with that impulsiveness air that I have, I bought a plane ticket for India. The first stop was Delhi and there I was: a twenty-two-year-old Mexican girl, on her first solo travel to the most chaotic country, with a light backpack, a Diana Mini camera, and two Lomography extra films.

Delhi was Delhi. I remember its pink, blue and yellow colors all around. The city had a special charm. It seemed like I was inside a movie and I imagined photographies in every single corner. Traffic was a performance: people, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, cars, and cows moving between them.

Credits: mferim

The surreal images that my head was created, full of colors, smells and tastes, couldn’t go unnoticed. Thank the Universe that I had my Diana with me: the first Lomo camera that I got and the best travel mate with which I learned to shoot spontaneously and to avoid overthinking.

I took the Diana Mini everywhere with me and both of us were always amazed by doing new things, trying different food, discovering landscapes and meeting new friends. India really was a challenge and taught me to raise my voice and not remain silent, to be brave, to dance with your soul, to connect with people and to trust my heart… to always to listen to my heart.

PS. At that time I was a beginner in the analog world and I didn't know what was a slide film, so I developed the film with C-41 process and I was delighted with the results and the texture of the grain.

Credits: mferim

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