Cape Cod Cocktail: Film Manipulation Series by Juliana Gagné


Film manipulation by way of "film soup" is a popular technique among Lomographers. It's a fun excuse to mess with different liquids to bathe our film with, and the unpredictability of the results makes it even more exciting. You've probably tried it yourself out of curiosity or as a passing fancy, but Brooklyn-based artist Juliana Gagné masterfully turned it into art.

Photography comes naturally to Juliana Gagné — it runs in the family. "My mom told me that my Great-Great Grandmother, Lilian Jones, was an avid photographer during a time when that wasn’t considered a suitable hobby for women, but she didn’t let that stop her. Lilian took amazing photos of her travels and developed photos in a basement darkroom. Sometimes when I’m shooting, I think that I’m not really the one taking the photo. My ancestors work through me, and that’s especially clear when it comes to my art."

In fall, Juliana spent some time in Eastham on Cape Cod, a popular summer destination. Armed with her 35 mm disposable camera, she finished off a roll and concocted a special brew to dunk her film in. She mixed merlot, red wine vinegar, various fruit and vegetable drinks, detergent, Clorox, and a dash of salt, paprika, and cayenne. The film was left to soak in this cocktail and frozen overnight before it was developed.

Through this process, Juliana visually recreates "the experience of being in an altered state of consciousness", a universe in which she is the creator and destroyer.

To see more of Juliana's work, follow her on Instagram: jai_gagne, or visit her website.

2019-04-11 #film-experiments

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