Around the World in Analogue: A Glimpse of Puerto Princesa

For many travelers, Palawan is the paradise of sea and sunshine, filled with sandy-white beaches and picturesque horizons. The island's actually one of the most traveled among Lomographers, too, as the place offers a lot for wandering escapists. Honestly, you wouldn't want to get off of the island at all – vitamin sea is all you'll ever want! When Lomographer James Pilbrow, a.k.a. j_robertmeyland, went to the island earlier this year for mountain climbing, he also went to the capital city of Palawan, taking him by surprise with the contrast of scenery between the metro and the more frequented hotspots.

Here's what James thought of Puerto Princesa, Palawan's capital city.

In January 2019 I broke my shoulder on a hike in Palawan. This was one week into what was going to five in the Philippines. I was there to do things that require two functional shoulders and I had to cut the trip short before I’d seen or done much. Shit happens. Sometimes we land on our shoulders.

So, after I’d spent a few days sinking into the earth with Mr. Tramadol, there I was on my way home - with a day to kill while I waited for a connecting flight back to Manila. I had a lot of films left, a Pentax that I couldn’t use one-handed, and a little Olympus XA that I could manage with if I kept the shots simple. Puerto Princesa’s a place full of people going about their lives rather than one full of tourists. This little photo set is just me, my XA, some fairly strong painkillers, and Palawan’s capital city.

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written by cielsan on 2019-04-12

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