Community Spotlight: Thibaut Koralewski (@tibokora) and Frédéric Dewer (@rewd)

Being one of the largest analogue photography communities on the web, we are proud of the creativity and diversity of our members. For this month's Community Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce to you Lomographers Thibaut Koralewski and Frédéric Dewer and their unique way of seeing the world.

Credits: tibokora & rewd

Thibaut Koralewski

LomoHome: @tibokora
Location: Paris, France

Hi, Thibaut! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

Hi, I currently work for a film production company in Paris. I have been making films for 12 or 13 years now. Photo and video are close, so since I started doing that, I’ve been always taking photos (digital), but without being fully into it, without real interest. It was more to have memories of the moments I was living. I wasn’t really satisfied with my photos so I never pushed it further. But not so long ago, I found myself an analogue camera and felt totally in love with film photography. I discovered a new way to capture images and I finally managed to get satisfied with my photos.

How did you discover Lomography and what made you join our analogue Community? Who are your favorite photographers here?

I bought myself a Holga 12 years ago because a friend of mine had one and it looked fun. That’s how I discovered Lomography. But I didn’t use it a lot, I left it in a corner of my room. I guess I wasn’t patient enough during that time.

When I really got into analogue photography, I saw that there was a big and strong Lomography Community. So I created a profile to share my photos but mostly to discover photos from others and get inspiration. There are a lot of talented photographers here, I would say that some of my favorites are @mogolgogol, @hellopixels, @elisabethdare, @damianhovhannisyan, @milanhristev.

Credits: tibokora

What is your favorite subject to photograph? What do you usually look for in a scene before you hit the shutter?

I like to shoot different kinds of subjects but my favorite is taking photos of people. When someone catches my attention with their charisma, posture, gait or whatever else, and if I find the light interesting, I get my camera and hit the shutter. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The hardest thing is to be ready to shoot at the right time. I miss a lot of moments, I’m too late most of the time but you learn to anticipate.

In this day and age, why choose film?

I like the look of analog photographs way more than digital photographs. A digital photo is too clean, too flat. The approach is different, it’s more challenging. You really need to think before shooting. The photo is not instantaneous, it’s a long process to have it in front of your eyes, so you appreciate it more.

What does a perfect day look like for you?

Nothing original. First of all, a perfect day would be sunny. I would be spending the day with my closest friends. No matter what we would be doing, I’m more than happy when I’m with them. We could be skateboarding, working on our projects, eating, relaxing, being hungover and watching stupid videos… whatever. And if I have my camera close to me to capture these great moments, I don’t need anything else.

Credits: tibokora

Frédéric Dewer

LomoHome: @rewd
Location: France

Hi, Frédéric! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

Well, I started photography almost 42 years ago. I was 11 when I received my first 110 format camera. That was a Kodak Pocket Instamatic if I can remember well. Something that was perfectly matching with today's Lomography spirit. Do not think, just shoot. It was so easy to use, even for a child! That cheap camera allowed me to take my first pictures and I have not stopped since then. I am now working in transport but I try to keep time for what I love what includes writing end painting but, of course, mainly taking photos.

How did you discover Lomography and what made you join our analogue Community? Who are your favorite photographers here?

Of course, like many others, I was convinced to buy a digital took me long but I finally purchased a... well, this is not what I would call a camera. Just an electronic device to take images. That was rather a disappointment. Everything was too perfect and too fast. I really lacked the pleasure of waiting for the results from the lab. Taking time is what I love in a photo and being a member of the Lomography community made me rediscover that pleasure. I decided to indulge again in analogue photography and I was browsing through the net for used cameras when I discovered the Lomography site.

What a shock! And pleasure! I immediately realized I had to be a part of that adventure. I purchased several used cameras and started to shoot films again. There are many Lomographers I apprciate. @roundmidnight (from France too) is really interesting and I love his vintage colors. How can he do that? I can't even if I try hard. I also appreciate @troch very much. She is amazing. Special mentions also go to @yago56 (beautiful colors!), @why-yu... well, many more would deserve to be on the list!

Credits: rewd

What makes you stay with film photography in this day and age? What's your favorite subject to shoot?

Taking time, waiting, practicing slowly, that is what I love. Lomography is a shelter against always more and more speed. I like street photography and I am very impressed by photographers like Atget, Cartier Bresson, and Doisneau.

For you, what's the best part about being a Lomographer?

Sharing with people from all over the world. A photo is a bit of eternity and space suspended together.

What is your favorite Lomography camera and film and why?

I love all the old soviet cameras, they are just so strong and durable. It seems they have been built with spare parts of tanks... I love my Zenits and my Kiev. They are strong and reliable. I can take them everywhere without risks. I remember one day I met a Japanese tourist who was amazed by the Kiev 4A. We had a nice chat together about the photo. Only Lomography allows that today, I think... I love b&w films and I must say I really love Washi films. They give great contrasts and tones. If you have the opportunity, just try them.

Credits: rewd

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