Vincent Pflieger: Chinatown on Film

NYC-based photographer Vincent Pflieger takes us around Chinatown in Manhattan during the lunar new year. Documenting the experience on film, Vincent shows us the colorful joy of the entire celebration.

"Chinatown is one of the neighborhoods where I hang out the most. Almost every weekend, you can find me there eating some soup dumplings and running through the streets in search of the perfect shot. The dynamic activity that emerges there is unique and perfect for a street photographer looking to evolve anonymously and discreetly in an environment. Everyone is too busy doing errands to pay attention at your behavior." — Vincent Pflieger
©Vincent Pflieger

Although Vincent typically shoots street photography, there is something specific about Chinatown that attracts him as a subject.

"The plurality of subjects moving in a busy and colorful area is a blessing for me and all photographers attracted by color. There is always something new to photograph, from
the card players of Columbus Park to the hundreds of restaurants where people come and go." — Vincent Pflieger
©Vincent Pflieger

Pflieger is also interested in the lunar new year, which is the start of a new year on the Chinese calendar, typically marked by a celebration.

"The lunar new year is a great moment to experience. The different generations of Chinese immigrants, from elders to kids, are feasting together in a concert of fire
crackers and a rain of party favors. Here again, the colors are omnipresent, just like the laughter and happiness." — Vincent Pflieger
©Vincent Pflieger

If you like Vincent's work, check out more on his website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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