Ruby June on Bringing 'Beautiful' Back with the Lomogon Art Lens

Portraitist and cinematic fashion photographer Ruby June has a strict set of standards with her photo shoots. Photogenic yet common locations are not enough. Being a photographer in New York makes the photography market all the more competitive. There has to be more uniqueness to the stories and details in the photographs.

Model: Giselle Mynx":

For Ruby, the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens poses a huge game-changer in her creative regimen. Already allured by the Lomogon's ability to throw back old-school vintage aesthetics that took after the Lomo LC-A, she also noted the versatile and intuitive feel of the lens -- /2.5 and f/11 apertures – a feat that not even the mainstream digital lens technologies have. Once she tested the lens with model Giselle Mynx, Ruby said:

“It's really neat being able to shoot between two different apertures and to have this natural vignetting. It almost does a crazy criss-crossing thing. There's just so much room for accidents and creativity that you have with film, that you don't really get with these digital lenses, and this brings back that creativity and room for beautiful accidents that most lenses don't have.”

Presentation and appearance is everything as well for the art photographer. Ruby loved the elegant brass and finishing of the lens. For Ruby, the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens brings the best of both worlds as function and beauty coexist:

“This lens, just like my Lomo'Instant Wide, is a people pleaser. People talk about it. People are like, 'That's so beautiful. Where did you get that? Is that vintage?' I'm always able to say, 'It's thankfully not vintage because it's actually going to work.' Which is such a relief, but it's just as beautiful as the vintage cameras are and the vintage lenses are. Which is such an incredible thing that more industries need to get back into. Like cars. Our cars are so ugly these days.”

Like Ruby, you can have the best of both worlds with this new fine art lens.

Model: Giselle Mynx":

Visit Ruby's website and Instagram for more of her works. All rights reserved to Ruby June.

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Lomogon Art Lens

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