Around the World in Analogue: Barcelona, At Last!


The Catalonian city that is Barcelona is one of the largest and most populous cities in Spain. The city is one of the global leaders in terms of tourism, commerce, and the arts, as well as a cultural and economic center in southwestern Europe. A city that is truly enviable and desirable to be a part with, if we dare say so. That's why Lomographer Madalina Chilici a.k.a. madelinechilici had no regrets moving from her hometown to Barcelona.

In this edition of Around the World in Analogue, Madalina shows us what makes the city so special, through her own words and images.

Let me start off by saying that my goals for 2018 have been achieved, and one of them was traveling and moving to Barcelona.

I started to travel around the world to find a place that inspires me and makes me feel like home because unfortunately Romania never gave me that home feeling that I was looking for. At the end of July 2018, I decided to leave my homeland. I've never been to Barcelona before, but I always knew: "when I will gonna visit Bcn, I will move there too."

Barcelona is a relaxed, cozy, artsy city with lots of diversity, where people radiate positivity and knows how to treat them self with siesta every day in every way.
Streets turn into an open-air museum. A trip to the sea will make you feel alive when you play with the waves( in case the area are not so crowded by tourists). The city offers great views and much green. Colors are brighter here. People are happier.

Barcelona teaches me to slow down and feel photography in a tangible way, to work from the feeling to the idea and not the reverse.

If you read this article and wanna visit Barcelona, a friendly reminder, locals are very kind and friendly, but they all have turismofobia. In this photo set, I shoot with one of my favorite color 35 mm film Kodak Gold 200 with a point and shoot Polaroid 240 EV Automatic that does lots of magic.

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