All Analog: On Tour with HalfNoise in Europe

LomoAmigo Zac Farro and his band HalfNoise recently traveled across the pond for a European tour in support of their most recent release Flowerss. Filmmaker and artist from Nashville, TN, Aaron Joseph, traveled to Europe with the band to document their experiences there on Lomography film.

One of AJ's favorite photos from the trip was of Zac performing in Paris (above middle). This was the last show of the tour and many friends of the band came out to support them. Zac brought some friends up on stage at the end for a big jam and then jumped off stage into the crowd. ©Aaron Joseph

AJ, knowing the band for many years, decided to capture a variety of perspectives by providing each band member with a camera and Lomography film.

"So much happens on tour in such a short period of time, so it was nice to have something we could work on but wouldn't see until after it was all over. The images that come out are not quite like how you remember or sometimes it's better than you remember. It's a magic trick that we all know is happening, but once the big reveal comes, it's always a surprise." — Aaron Joseph
©Aaron Joseph

While in London, Zac, RH (Zac's manager) and AJ decided to explore the city like tourists. The song "Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks is a favorite of the band, so the group decided to take a walk across the Waterloo Bridge.

"The lyrics seem to be about some tension of living in a big city and feeling lonely, but having all this beautiful scenery that millions of people share together. The three of us have been so busy lately that it's really hard to get together even though we live in the same town, so to be across the ocean getting to spend some time together was really special. Also, we went to Buckingham Palace and I think the Queen waved at me." — Aaron Joseph
©Aaron Joseph

Ultimately, AJ decided to create a tour diary compiling everyone's photos and experiences on tour.

"This project turned out completely different than I had imagined, but in many ways, it turned out better because we knew it was something we wanted to share with each other at the very least. Since we couldn't really see anything we were making until weeks later, it was hard to stay focused but I'm glad we stuck with it because not only do we have this to share with each other as friends, but now we can share with others as well." — Aaron Joseph

Check out the full tour diary here, as well as HalfNoise's most recent release Flowerss and upcoming show dates.

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