Recap: Pinhole Build and Shoot Workshop with Ra Friedman


Guided by creative photographer Ra Friedman on January 13 at our new DUMBO office space, we constructed 35mm pinhole cameras, complete with guillotine shutters. We then let them loose on the historical and picturesque DUMBO neighborhood to capture some unexpected lo-fi photography goodness. Ra chatted with us before the event about his work:

"I am a figurative artist whose work crosses the genres of photography and drawing. My background is in the sciences, theatre set design, and fine arts. All of those feed into how I spend my studio time. I got my first good camera when I was eight, a Rolleiflex, and it’s been kind of a romance ever since." — Ra Friedman
A selection of photographs produced at Ra's workshop.

Ra is fascinated with shooting pinhole photographs, as well as building the camera himself.

"That these contraptions both work and work well never ceases to amaze me. I love that you can take a bunch of odd stuff and make a camera that captures unique, unexpected images. Even better, is that I can share that process and joy. Sure, it requires a bit of skill and patience, but it’s very manageable." — Ra Friedman
A few pictures from the workshop.

One of Ra's other passions is hosting photography workshops and meetups.

"I started the New York Film Photography Meet Up about two years ago because there was a niche to be filled and it was a good way to get more “out there” and involved. I love that younger photographers are getting into film technology. Exploring places with the camera has always been something I greatly enjoy and the Meet Up is a great way to get motivated and have a lot of fun." — Ra Friedman
A selection of photographs produced at Ra's workshop.

Check out more of Ra's work on his website and make sure to like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all of our exciting events.

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  1. davidph
    davidph ·

    Great images, makes me want to hit the streets and go pinholing.

  2. nicol-pascal
    nicol-pascal ·

    J'avais fabriqué un mini sténopé avec un paquet de cigarette, ça faisait des toute petite image, amusant.

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