The View From Above: Bird's Eye View Photography Tips

Having a routine when it comes to taking photographs is good but sometimes you just want to switch it up. Try shooting from a different perspective to add a new skill to your repertoire. Check out these bird's eye view shots and be inspired by our feathery friends from the skies.


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Experience nature in a whole new way by taking photographs from atop a mountain or when you're flying on a plane. Get those lush greens, majestic blues, and sparkling waters all on film! Choose a vantage point that captures the scenery in full. You'll be amazed at the feeling of being a small entity in this vast beautiful world.

Urban Sprawl

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Living in the city can be grinding but it has its perks. Find the nearest tallest building and see if you can get a great spot for some nice frames. Shoot in the day and night, you'll be surprised at what the city has for you in both settings. Don't let life in the concrete city take the fun out of shooting photographs. Seek out hidden images or patterns sprawled across the cityscape, and you'll be rewarded with good pictures from above.


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One thing that makes bird's eye view photography interesting is the freedom to play around with the angle. Shooting from above is entirely different from shooting from the ground. Take a look at these photos that make use of lines, focus, and perspective. Surely, you didn't think that staircases, walkways, and benches looked interesting, right? That's because you haven't just seen them from this angle yet.


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Taking pictures while you're perched somewhere high also makes you appreciate the many different colors. From painted rooftops and night lights to busy intersections and waterways, these photos show you a different approach to color photography. Experimenting is fun so load up your favorite color film and start shooting!


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If you've tried color photography then monochrome should definitely be next on your list! Channel your inner street photographer only this time, you'll be shooting from a way higher vantage point. Stick around for a while and you're sure to see some interesting activity down below. Use shadows, stealth, and stay incognito and you'll be able to bag shots to up your street photography skills.

While we can't be as free as our friends from the skies, we can try to see the world through their eyes and capture the scenes all on film. Follow these simple photo tips and prepare to feel like you're on top of the world! Share with us your photos and sound off in the comment section below if you have more tips and tricks to share.

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