Shooting Pocket-Sized Memories in 110 Format


When you feel like taking a break from well-composed portraits and meticulously-framed landscapes, try shooting in 110. This tiny format guarantees convenience and ease of use, making it ideal for casual snapshots. It may not be as common as widely used film formats such as 35 mm or 120, but that doesn't make it less fun. In fact, options are now better than ever, with Lomography Baby 110 cameras and 110 film! Here, we present to you four awesome film to feed your hungry 110 cameras with!

Lomography Color Tiger 200

Lomography's 110 format color negative offering is this roaring Lomography Color Tiger 200, which renders beautiful and natural colors.

Credits: iwanb, goroayu, iantheman & smf

Lomography B&W Orca 100

If you like shooting in black & white, Lomography B&W Orca 100 lets you shoot classic monochrome photos in tiny 110.

Credits: corrinska, kneehigh85, philhale & mirjam

Lomography Lobster Redscale

Warm up your 110 snaps with this redscale film. The Lomography Lobster Redscale 110 sizzles with a whole spectrum of red, ranging from fiery reds and oranges to nostalgic honey and sepia tones.

Credits: draakje, lilithmoon, hanshendley, angelab_log, grazie, esterch & bnjmn

Lomography Peacock 200

Flaunt your photos in flamboyant colors and striking contrast. The Lomography Peacock 200 lets you enjoy the vibrant qualities of cross-processed slide film in baby 110 format.

Credits: zonderbar, kleinerkaries, bnjmn, primula & alicebee

New to 110 format? Get started with a Lomography camera and film! We have Baby 110 cameras and 110 film available in our online shop and worldwide gallery stores.

2019-01-24 #110-film

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    I was amazed at the photos I got with the Lobster Rescale 110 film. It's fun!

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