Andy Warhol: Superstar of Photo-booths, Polaroids, and Portraits!


Campbell’s cans, Monroe and Presley, POP ART, silkscreens, The Factory, and Velvet Underground – these are a few things which would undeniably bring Andy Warhol and his greatness to anyone’s thoughts. So hey, darling, take a quick flashback into his 15 minutes of fame and witness how dandy Andy Warhol used to be!

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have. — Andy Warhol

Andrew Warhola was born in the late 1920s. World-widely known as Andy Warhol, this American of intertwined artistic talents became the leading figure in the visual art movement called pop art. He was a filmmaker, an illustrator, a painter, and was also an author. As early as the 1960s till the late 1980s, he continuously enamored the world through his visual masterpieces which, until now, are of great aesthetic value.

Setting his fine arts prowess aside, Andy Warhol was a wonderful photographer. He was deeply in love with cameras — making it easier for him to make love with the camera’s lenses as well. From playful photo-booth shots to instant Polaroid shots, and to masterful portraits and self-portraits — he was always camera-ready! Here are a few selections of Andy’s analogue photographs (featuring his majestic self) and see how he truly lead an analogue lifestyle:

Andy Warhol and his photo-booth antics.
Andy Warhol and his Polaroid self-portraits.
Andy Warhol and his numerous film cameras.
Andy Warhol photographed by other famous photographers like Paul Weiss, Robert Sosnick, Christopher Makos, and Ron Gallela.

In one way or another, artists and photographers today are greatly influenced by Andy Warhol’s superstar style. We all want to have the pop art version of our self-portraits. We all want to ransack photo-booths and create crazy portraits with our friends. We all want to photograph famous people using instant cameras. We all do. With Andy Warhol’s silken white brows and hair, creativity is truly in the air!

All photographs in this article were collated from the Internet.

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    Warhol, Warhol, YES!!

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    without any doubt the greatest artist of the past century! I can't imagine my life without the first Velvet Underground album. so inspirational and present in every aspect of my life. was able to elevate to an art form a common can of soup. Who else?

  3. poetpunk
    poetpunk ·

    I love his photos. Thanks for a cool article.

  4. pearleeshelz
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    great contribution....thanks Basterda!

  5. bravopires
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    Viva basterda!

  6. dyluzo
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    awesome love it

  7. panelomo
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    first it was Kubrick, now Warhol - good choices @basterda! :)

    love the feature. pop the world with Andy! :)

  8. basterda
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    Hello everyone! Thanks for commenting and liking! I appreciate it. I love all of Andy's pictures and I'm glad that you did, too. :) @panelomo, I'm thinking about writing more articles, I hope you'll like them, too! :)

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    congrats basterda. very good article indeed. more please :)

  10. basterda
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    Thanks, @rio! I'll contemplate and write about more awesome analogue people to share with you all! :)

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    that was great!

  12. basterda
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    Glad you enjoyed it, @ilovemydiana! ;)

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    omg, what a genious! loved it! =)

  14. basterda
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    Thanks, @ritamiguel!

  15. yankeedog57
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    Nice article! My dad's family lived on the same street as the Warholas, Dawson Streetin the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. My aunt Ester and my dad's cousin Helen went to school with Andy. One of my art instructors, Joe Fitzpatrick also taught Andy. If you haven't been to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, do it, it's an amazing place, Pittsburgh is a great town with lots of things to do. If you visit the museum, it's also possible to visit Andy's grave that is not too far away, you can take the "T" to the Bethel Park.

  16. chaoticsense
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    Fabulous! Great article! Andy may be my, as well as many others, greatest source of inspiration! Andy Warhol /is/ GOD.

  17. anabellafb
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    amazing! Andy Warhol is the best!!!!!

  18. gvelasco
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    Interesting guy. None of his individual works were that great, but his body of work and his influence were enormous. And, he was certainly prescient.

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    Andy's photos are so amazingly beautiful!

  21. holgardo
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    Hmmm... reading all this comments makes me feel a little guilty... I think that Warhol is overrated, I mean, I do understand his place in history of art and the great influence he is, but piece by piece I don't think he is one of the great artists of XX century.

  22. jadah1978
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    Thank you for sharing a great article,very interesting

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