How to Have a Lomographic Year with Living Coral

Have you heard of Pantone's New Color of the Year? We're about to see more of Living Coral around, so we've come up some tips on how to make this color be part of your Lomographic year.

Credits: lissss

Flower Power

Part of Pantone's reason for choosing Living Coral for 2019 is to give the ambiance of warmth and liveliness in a constantly changing environment – and what better time to find Living Coral than in Springtime? The simplest way you can find Living Coral is in your local park or garden. Living Coral will definitely be at its trendiest during the Spring, so make the most out of the season. Load your favorite camera with a roll of Lomography Color Negative 400 35 mm and shoot!

Credits: jazztrio2014, debja, vickychao, sallycanela & r_i_b_u_l

Chromatic Taste

Pantone made sure Living Coral was about nourishing yourself. This color is meant to be imbued into your daily life, and finding Living Coral gets easier with food photography. Lush, orange pink-colored fruits, juices, candy, and bubblegum – they're not only they're delectable, but they're also very eye-candy!

Credits: sgnlts, pearlgirl77, jazzgirlsaround, bubblegirl & kylethefrench

In the Pink

It's funny how in this fast-paced digital age, it becomes more difficult to keep in touch with our real lives and relationships. According to Pantone, Living Coral is all about encouraging ourselves into optimism and lighthearted activities that will be good for our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

People will most likely try to get in touch even more with their reality, so expect to see this color even more in your daily life. Walls, roofs, interiors, furniture, fashion, and even hair dye will be in Living Coral. To best capture this theme, look for suitable colors that will complement Living Coral. Our recommendation? Go for pastel yellows, powder blue or mint! You might as well include more coral into your analogue gear with the Living Coral-shaded Diana+ Camera MEG Edition, designed in conjunction with the band The White Stripes.

Credits: ammers, fratele-alex, clacli, sirio174, bulletofmine & myfridayfilms

Coral Skies

Sunset will be one of your favorite horizons for 2019. When the yellow-orange sunlight touches the pink expanse, you will be blessed by a coral-shaded sky. Make some time to head over to your favorite spot during the golden hours – sunrise or sunset. If you want the color to be more exploded into the frame, visiting the bay or nearby shore will give you that creative satisfaction – the coral sky will reflect on the ocean waves, making your reality drenched in Living Coral.

Credits: bravebird, hodachrome, andyroadz, m_e & moodification

Let's live in coral! Start your year with fresh shots colored in Living Coral and upload them to your LomoHome.


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