Around the World in Analogue: A Sweet Time in Turkey

The transcontinental country of Turkey is blessed with beautiful coastlines, further becoming a favorite spot among tourists and photographers for the ultimate getaway. That's why local Lomographer Şeyma Emine Tamer, a.k.a. @seymaeminetamer looked no farther as she and her husband spent their honeymoon in their homeland. Let's join Şeyma's in re-experiencing her vacation through her words and pictures, majorly taken with the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens.

Credits: seymaeminetamer

I live in Turkey. This is a friendly country with four different seasons, surrounded by seas on three sides, with its beautiful islands, and fertile land. I love Turkey very much, that's why we opted to take our honeymoon right here. Our wedding was on 22 April 2018. actually, a period when Turkey was still cold. But, we were lucky and came on a hot day. We wanted to make our honeymoon a place where we would not be able to meet too many people. So, we rented a villa in Kalkan, Antalya.

Antalya in southern Turkey. Thus the temperature above the Turkey average. Although it is a very touristic area, this place was quiet since it wasn't peak season. However, the weather was warm and there were still some people around. Moreover, you can enjoy both the house villa, the pool, and the sea; We could also visit the local attractions easily. We spent the first week of our honeymoon here.

Credits: seymaeminetamer

Kaş, the locals who live in Kalkan, are in their own state because it is a small town. Anyone who has two acres of land immediately builds a villa here and vacationers are often renting their homes on a weekly basis. The region is fully open to tourism. However, nature is increasingly covered with concrete. I think construction will be stopped shortly. They are also very helpful to those who come from outside. They support tourism.

The beaches are a must-visit. Firstly, Patara Beach. There are very few people at the end of April on the long sandy beach and long beach... It was like a film frame. And it's peaceful. Then I put Kaputas beach on the most turquoise I have ever seen. It was like heaven. Fetiye Oludeniz was very fun and we wanted to spend more time there. However, we had a plane on the same day and we had to reach Büyükada. A place where you can feel like in the late 1800s and early 1900s is in Buyukada. It's a pretty romantic place. First-period Turkish writers, musicians, artists, artists lived in the houses of Büyükada and made their works there. Büyükada made me feel the spirit of all the novels I read.

Credits: seymaeminetamer

Even though I live in Turkey, I really just judge a place based on the food culture. Cereals and meat dishes are often consumed. However, the palate culture of our country is quite wide. It varies widely by region. Antalya and Fethiye – where the Aegean and Mediterranean culture – is famous for olive oil-based vegetable dishes. There are many types of appetizers. I love them all separately.

Antalya Kas Kalkan is a great place in around April or May if you are planning for a relaxing honeymoon like what we did. If you want to have fun, you can visit Fethiye Ölüdeniz and Antalya Kaş from June to September. Visiting tourist places during the winter is intense, especially in Bursa, Kocaeli, Erzurum, Kayseri. All of them are next to Turkey's coastline. Fun fact, you can find archaeological artifacts in most of the eastern provinces are the remains of the first period. The most recently discovered artifact was discovered in the Göbeklitepe (Potbelly Hill), where the history of humanity began before the Romans and the Sumerians. So the oldest remains can be found there. It's definitely a place to visit.

When using my film camera, I prefer to capture candid moments. I don't like to set up photos while on vacation. Just let yourself be – this whole country is a paradise for photographers.

Credits: seymaeminetamer

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