Double Exposure Illustrations by henryohead

If there's an analogue technique that Lomographer Henry Head, a.k.a. @henryohead would keep on doing for all time, it would the double or multiple exposures.

Images by Henry

Henry's double exposures are quite illustrative and expressive – there's the element of having them carefully composed and arranged – as portraits are meshed with scenic landscapes and backgrounds, both in vibrant colors. He mostly shoots in Lomography Color Negative 400 or 800, loving the way they just balance the colors of his pictures. Henry's secret to his beautiful double exposures? Under-expose each frame in a multiple exposure by 1 stop. The setting so far helped Henry to get richer colors and less blown out highlights.

"Well, generally speaking, following your emotional instinct instead of a trend-inspired formula is always going to make your photos more "you". But, more specifically with double exposures, -since the highlights of one frame show up in the shadows of the other, I try to remember where key features like eyes or lips in the first photo are so that I can layer them over the darker parts of the second exposure. Those intimate details often times give life to double exposure portraits.
Images by Henry

There's actually an interesting and heart-fluttering trivia as to why he's in love with superimposed images, and the reason is his fiancé. Most of Henry's double exposures came from the trips he and his wife-to-be they took together, and for the future, he would want to make a family photo album that is made out of double-exposures.

Henry's been a Lomographer since 2014 and is living in New Zealand. He discovered the Lomographic lifestyle thanks to some purple-drenched shots he found in Tumblr, leading him to one of his favorite films, the LomoChrome Purple. He also draws inspiration from photographers Asher Moss, Grant Spanier, and Daniel Stewart.

Images by Henry

As of now, Henry's working on a LomoChrome Purple series that will end up in a photo book, as well as another series inspired by outer space.

Visit Henry's LomoHome and Instagram for more of his works.

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