Anne Hollond's Technicolor Nudes Series


The initial spark for Anne Hollond's instant photo project was the natural desire of becoming more comfortable with her own self and body. When she started shooting the Lomo'Instant Square Glass, Anne discovered the fun of playing with its color gel filters and with that, she accidentally discovered the last piece she needed for her wonderful project: Technicolor Nudes.

Collages by Anne Hollond

Anne started film photography when she was a kid. Her parents gave her a Kodak Instamatic for her 10th birthday, and she has been taking photos ever since. Throughout the years she has worked with a variety of film and cameras – both analog and digital. However, it was the analog gear she really fell in love with. And then at one point, about five years ago, she discovered instant photography for herself. "There was something about it that immediately grabbed me and has stuck with me. It makes me so profoundly happy every single time I take an instant photo", she tells us, "Even the “fails” which can be cool in unexpected ways or make me learn and better understand the creative processes of instant film photography."

More collages by Anne Hollond

The idea for this particular project was inspired by an urge most of us come across at one point in our lives. At the beginning of 2018, Anne wanted to become more comfortable with herself and her body, especially in front of the camera. She started taking nude self-portraits, not really sure of where it all might go, trying out different instant film cameras with self-timing features. With the Lomo'Instant Square Glass she got the chance to play with Color Gel Filters. While initially shooting individual photos, she soon started thinking about combining the shots with different color filters. The results were diverse and exciting: From large mosaics where each shot was a different color, to single shots exposed multiple times with different colors.

Individual photo with red filter and a multi-exposure rainbow single frame by Anne Hollond
"Through photography, I’ve learned (and truthfully am still learning) to be more patient and aware and open to possibilities. It’s fun and perfect sometimes to just shoot a photo without (over)analyzing it beforehand, but it’s also great to slow down and pay more attention and think a bit more before pressing that shutter button on the camera. Also, I’ve learned the joy of sharing photos in a variety of ways: actually handing over a photo to another person (my favorite way to share), posting on Instagram and getting feedback which helps me learn and grow, and also letting another person borrow and play around with my camera.
"Pieces of Me" by Anne Hollond

Check out more of Anne's photos on her Instagram and LomoHome.

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