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Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, bordered by the river Danube, beneath the Petrovaradin rock. The cityscape is quite unique as it has all the urban perks and none of the metro stress. There are pretty parks, cafes, and fancy architecture all around. Nature is very accessible if you're up for a swim or hike. In short, Novi Sad For this edition of Around the World in Analogue, Novi Sad-based Lomographer @elmahiko takes us to town with his own words and images.

Credits: elmahiko

About seven years ago, I came to Novi Sad to study Electrical Engineering and very quickly I started to call it home more often than my hometown Zrenjanin. It has some laid-back vibe to it, nobody is in a hurry and living in this city feels like driving in a slow lane, which really fits my personality. As Belgrade is the capital and the largest city in Serbia, Novi Sad is often overlooked by the tourists who visit this country. Colourful architecture and lots of historical landmarks are what make this place a must-visit.

Credits: elmahiko

Also, three bridges across the River Danube are one of my favourite places to take portraits of my girlfriend. One night, as the old railway bridge was in the preparation stage for reconstruction and no trains were passing, we took a walk over it and snapped some spooky images. A lot of young people live here because Novi Sad is basically a college city. During the day, parks are filled with skateboarders and frisbee throwers and at night city centre is full of partygoers ready to empty those bottles.

Credits: elmahiko

The best thing about Novi Sad is that it is pretty integrated with nature. Parks and beautiful riversides where you can meditate and enjoy sunny days are always a five-minute walk from you no matter which part of the city you are at.

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  1. gheinz
    gheinz ·

    Great description about Novi Sad @elmahiko !

  2. elmahiko
    elmahiko ·

    @gheinz Thanks!

  3. an4
    an4 ·

    Nice city

  4. schwarzesauge
    schwarzesauge ·

    I have been there once - great city

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