Amp Up Your Self-Portraits With These Tips


Why do people enjoy taking self-portraits? It could be to document a good hair day, to celebrate a special moment, or to take advantage of great lighting or background. Well, here's another reason for you shutterbugs — to help you express your creativity! We hope that you'll find these basic tips useful for your next "selfie".

Do a Double Take

Step up your analogue self-portrait game by doing double exposures. Plan out your shots thoughtfully or surprise yourself by shooting spontaneously. For best results, try textures or silhouettes so that your self-portrait will shine through!

Credits: minilidia, itisanormalname, u-t-e & tristandotphoto

Light It Up

Good lighting is essential for beautiful self-portraits. But it can also be used for creative purposes, so use it to paint with light, add a special detail on your photo, or capture your own silhouette.

Credits: jakeadamyork, reneg88, anelfandhiszippo, ccwu, dylertron & gatokinetik-o

Diptychs and Collages

If you have a half-frame camera such as a Diana Mini or a Lomo LC-Wide, you can shoot cool diptychs. You can also create a "collage" by using your smartphone to take a picture of a part of your face, just like what Lomographer cryboy did with his self-portrait below!

Credits: violet_rayy, cryboy & satomi

It's All You

Fill up the photograph with multiple exposures or shoot your self-portrait with a strobe effect. Most Lomography cameras allow multiple exposures, just switch on the "MX" button before taking your first shot. If you're going for the strobe effect, check out this tip: A Lubitel 166+ Tip: Use It With the Strobe Flash.

Credits: mephisto19, lawypop, satomi, earlybird & abcdefuck

Water Distortions

If you don't mind a little distortion, a pool of water can act as a creative tool for your portrait. Make sure not to get your camera wet, though (unless you're using an underwater camera) and take safety precautions!

Credits: pith, adnapm, liquidpapercut, legacy, mrrotivlarbac & cc-in-paris

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    Selfie is the easiest and the hardest photo theme at the same time

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    Read and study "Self Portrait" by Friedlander

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    Satomi Love

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    Slur Photo.

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