Framing a Scene – Contemporary Masters of Cinematic Photography (Part 2)


Previously, we featured a few photographers whose images appear like scenes out of a movie. In this second installment, we are featuring more artists whose images captivate the imagination, and narrate stories on their own.

Maya Beano

When she's not in the lab working as a scientist, English photographer Maya Beano records her travels on film. Her photographs express an ethereal mood — one that is tinted in varying shades of pinks and purples. On her Instagram, she is often asked about her technique or the kind of film that she uses. While she kindly reveals her secrets, it's undeniable that her eye holds the magic. See Maya Beano's dreamy photos taken with LomoChrome Purple.

© Maya Beano


Berlin-based photographer Glashier is also a music video director, so it's no wonder that his photos are often called cinematic. This inspired him to create the series, “Films I Never Made.” When taking photos, he seeks shapes and little pools of light to frame his subject. Check out our feature about Glashier and have a peep at his cinematic frames.

© Glashier

Toby Harvard

English photographer Toby Harvard keeps it simple. Even with his minimal technical knowledge, he manages to capture the mystery of the scene, whether it's during cloudy daytime or neon-lit nighttime.

In our interview, Toby Harvard reveals the story behind his photo series of people's backs. Read it here.

© Toby Harvard

Mini Yamaguchi

The clean, minimalist aesthetic of Japanese photographer Mini Yamaguchi reminds us of coming-of-age films. With a medium-format camera, she captures the innocence of youth and the concept of ”mono no aware” or the beauty of impermanence. Read more about Mini Yamaguchi in our interview.

© Mini Yamaguchi

Matthieu Bühler

One look at German-French photographer Matthieu Bühler's images and you can't help but be reminded of films such as Drive or Blade Runner 2049. He considers this as a compliment.

The dark, melancholic atmosphere of film noir and cyberpunk is what I want to project in my photographs.

Read our interview to get to know more about Matthieu Bühler and his work.

© Matthieu Bühler

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written by shhquiet on 2018-12-10 #film #cinematic-photography

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