The Answer is Electronic — Why Chips and Circuits Matter


A little variety doesn’t hurt, especially when it comes to our beloved film cameras. We all have different needs and preferences and that extends to the gear we choose to use. Some prefer using mechanical cameras while others embrace the idea of shooters with electronic components.

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Whatever your choice is, as long as you shoot and enjoy film photography, all is well in the world. We’ve talked about why some think that springs and gears rule and now, let’s take a look at what electronic cameras have to offer:

Chips and circuits offer convenience. While it’s true that many of us love the gratifying feeling of controlling every aspect of our shot, there’s still the fact that sometimes you just want to take it easy and let the camera do the work for you. Taking the shot seriously and living in the moment are two things that we can get behind on anytime.

For instance cameras with automatic exposure offer convenience which results in a more relaxed shooting vibe. A camera equipped with automatic exposure has a simple microcomputer which calculates the correct exposure based on the amount of light measured either through the camera's lens, or other a sensor on the camera body. It then automatically adjusts either the shutter speed and aperture (or both) when you press the shutter button, ensuring a well-exposed photograph. Imagine, instead of fiddling around with your camera's settings, you could simply focus on capturing the moment as it happens, what a dream.

Lomo LC-A+, one of the most cherished and loved cameras here in the Community. This little snapper makes photography fun, creative, and enjoyable with its crisp lens, vivid colors, and outrageous saturation. Its auto-exposure feature also makes sure you get well-exposed shots every time.

Aside from being convenient, electronic cameras are also fun to use! Technology really did wonders to the world of photography by introducing useful and creative features. For one, you can get well-exposed frames by utilizing the automatic aperture and exposure settings. On a fun night out with friends, having this feature really helps you score great images even in low-light conditions.

These features greatly improve the shooting experience of anyone trying out electronic cameras, especially for beginners. Features like autofocus, wherein the camera (or lens) has an internal servo which moves the lens elements in order to focus on your subject. This is especially useful when you want to capture sharp action like in photographing sports.

However, Not all electronic cameras are created equal. You can use our Lomopedia series to learn more about and understand photography gear and see which of automatic cameras best fit your shooting style.

Some street photographers also love the fact that a lot of electronic cameras are quick straight shooters that are compact in size. Those two things really come in handy when you’re a street photographer. It pays to be discreet, stealthy, and on your toes when you’re looking for the next shot.

Having the camera do most of the work for you isn’t a bad thing. When you want to exercise more control, just go and reach for a mechanical camera. No big deal! But when you want to take it easy, go with the flow, or want something more compact to carry around, consider choosing an electronic camera. Enjoy both worlds and change it up as you go. You’ll be surprised at how both kinds of cameras can have a place in your heart.

Are you a fan of electronic cameras? Sound off in the comment section below and share with us why you love your electronic shooter!

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Lomo LC-A+

Lomo LC-A+

Be an analogue photography pro with the Lomo LC-A family. Get the signature ‘35mm Lomographic look’ with shadowy vignettes, eye-popping colors and saturation.The Lomo LC-A is the Russian classic with customizable aperture settings. The Lomo LC-A+ has awesome added tricks like multiple exposure capabilities, extended ISO range up to 1600 and a cable release thread!

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Hope someone can fix my nikon f55 for free 😈

  2. jm60
    jm60 ·

    I have had a couple of different cameras like this. The auto exposure is about the only reliable aspect to those I have used. Auto Focus is not always reliable and in many cases, like the dog in the movie "Up"- they go "Squirrel!" and you have to wait for the camera to come back to you, or you just end up switching off autofocus and doing it manually. When conditions allow it- it is handy. Automatic advance is a big plus to consider too. And while automatic features are handy, battery availability is another consideration and the reason I stopped using a Canon Rebel 2000- expensive odd battery. Otherwise, the interchangeable lens types like Minolta Maxxum's, among others, use conventionally available batteries.

  3. vintaprint
    vintaprint ·

    Ich mag diese Kameras weil sie vieles einfacher machen. Das Bild steht im Mittelpunkt um die Technik braucht man sich nicht u kümmern.

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