Who Run the World? Rising Female Photography Stars Part 2


We're back with even more incredible imagery from brilliant women making waves across the analogue universe. Scoot over and make some space for these stunning shots from these fabulous females redefining film photography. Make sure you catch up on Part 1 of the series for even more amazing artists you need to be following!

Heyjune Kim (Mayjune)

Korean photographer Heyjune Kim, who is more commonly known as Mayjune, has been taking film photos for five years. Light, color and shadow are the three key elements that compose her works. Mayjune believes that most photographers are sensitive to light and color as well. The main subjects she captures are people, buildings and landscapes on her trips around the world. Mayjune's daughter is 100 days old now, and when she grows up it is Mayjune's dream to travel and take photos with her. Mayjune hopes to become a photographer who finds a different way of looking at ordinary scenes. To see more of Mayjune's beautiful work, follower her on Instagram.

Joséphine Vallé Franceschi

French photographer Joséphine Vallé Franceschi has been taking pictures since 2011. She captures the seasons as they change in countries all over the world, merging beautiful moments to create mesmerizing multiple exposures with her Lomo LC-Wide. Each of her colorful snapshots is a new image made of two different memories, faded and emboldened by the analogue process, a poetic expression that bends our notions of space and time. The photographs showcased here are taken from her Colors of Time series, taken between 2015 and 2018. To see more of Joséphine's captivating work, check out her website and follow her on Instagram.


I bought my first camera when I was a teenager, and it was a toy camera. I remember how excited I was the first time I looked through its viewfinder, and I still feel the same today. I don't really have a particular style for my photography – I just feel the moment and shoot what I want to capture. That means that there’s a piece of me that appears in all of my photos, no matter whether they’re portrait or landscape. To see more of Saki's dreamy photography, follow her on Instagram.

Do you know an amazing female photographer who should be on this list? Post a link to their Instagram or website in the comments, and we'll check them out!

written by Martha Reed on 2018-12-17

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