A Recap of the Diana F+ Workshop at Highgate Cemetery with Natalie Smart

We talked to Natalie Smart, who took part in our recent Diana F+ Workshop at Highgate Cemetery. She shared some of her photos with us and talked about her results.

Photos from the workshop

Natalie Smart is a hand knitwear designer based in Brighton, UK, she also runs a blog dedicated to film photography. She shared some of her photos taken on the Highgate Cemetery workshop with the Diana F+.

“I had a lot of fun using the Diana F+ It’s a very simple camera to use plus it’s nice and light so it’s easy to carry around. I’ve always used 35 mm or instant film photography cameras but wanted to try out 120 film. The Diana F+ camera is the perfect camera for trying out 120 film photography for the first time. I love the dreamy feel of the photos that the camera produces. There is heavy vignetting, which I personally like.”
Photos by Natalie Smart

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Follow Natalie's journey through film photography by visiting her blog.

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Lomography Diana F+

Lomography Diana F+

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