Alice Merton in NYC: Experimenting with the Neptune Lens System


Inspired by the first convertible lens system created in the 1830s by Charles Chevalier, the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System is small and compact, yet super sharp, making it perfect for high-quality image-making wherever you go. Our photographer Sophia Ragomo tested out the lens system while shooting Alice Merton's recent Bowery Ballroom show in NYC.

All shot with the Despina 50mm by Sophia Ragomo.

Before the show, Sophia met up with Alice for some portraits. The venue's backstage area was very small and cramped, so the Thalassa 35 mm came in handy when wanting to get a wider shot like the one below on the stairs. Paired with a flash, the lens offered great sharpness in the venue's low-light areas. Sophia switched to the Proteus 80 mm for a close-up of Alice. The bokeh on this lens added a nice touch to the great amount of detail it was able to capture in the portrait.

Portraits of Alice Merton shot on the Thalassa 35 mm and Proteus 80 mm by Sophia Ragomo.

Then it was time for the show. The Despina 50 mm is a good starting place for concert photography, as the f/2.8 is ideal for shooting in low-light. Luckily, the venue's onstage lighting was fairly bright, and if using this system with a digital camera as Sophia did, the Thalassa 35 mm and Proteus 80 mm can work as well.

Shot with the Despina 50 mm, Thalassa 35 mm, and Proteus 80 mm by Sophia Ragomo.
"Overall, the lens system worked beautifully for concert photography, as it offered ideal apertures and sharpness perfect for situations where there is little available lighting to capture all the action. A digital camera is recommended when the lighting is a bit harder to control, but with a high-speed film, this set-up could work as well. The lens system also causes gorgeous lens flares especially in concert lighting like this, which went perfectly with Alice's upbeat and fun music. Since the lens system functioned so well in this difficult scenario, it must create even more beautiful images in more predictable lighting."
Live photos of Alice Merton using the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by Sophia Ragomo.

Want to give our Neptune Lens System a spin? Check it out here.
Check out more of Sophia's work on her website and Instagram.
Listen to Alice's music on Spotify and be sure to pre-order her new album Mint.

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