Collectors Gilman and Gonzalez-Falla Open Their Doors to the Public

While others make a career out of making images, Sondra and her husband Celso have made collection images their life's work — collecting beautiful and inspiring images from all over the world. The American couple is said to have a collection of more than 1,500 photographs, all of which can be found in their New York home.

© Gilman and Gonzalez-Falla collection

The wife and husband team were kind enough to lend a portion of their collection to the Maison Caillebotte to be displayed in France. The exhibition titled The Beauty of Lines is scheduled to run until December 2, 2018. The collection was first presented in Switzerland at the Lausanne Museum and was organized by Tatyana Franck and curated by Pauline Martin. This is the first time that Gilman and Gonzalez-Falla loaned their intimate image collection to an institution for a gallery exhibition.

© Gilman and Gonzalez-Falla collection

Taste is subjective and collectors have different reasons why they purchase images. For Sondra and her husband Celso, it’s all about how the image makes them feel. They said that they have to feel a connection with the image before they decide to purchase it — returning three times be certain about their feelings. Testing whether they actually feel a genuine emotional connection to the image and not just a case of infatuation. Visual quality and emotional appeal trump all other things in the eyes of the couple — the name of the photographer and their provenance included.

The exhibition includes the work of artists Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Robert Doisneau, Eugene Atget, Nan Goldin, and Walker Evans among others. 40 years worth of collecting ultimately led to this intimate display of photographic talent and skill — that fact alone is worthy of celebration.

All information used in this article was sourced from PhotoTrend and The Eye of Photography.

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