Why We Shoot — For Romance


Photography is a thing of beauty. It’s also a way to capture beauty. How many times have you come across a view so magnificent you wished you had a camera to capture it? Too many to count, we bet. The moment we see that beautiful scene, we’re immediately urged to immortalize it in an image. Without a doubt, one force which pushes us to take photos is romance.

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While it’s not always the main chase, romance does influence our decision to hit the shutter. Whenever we see something beautiful or something inspiring, an idea pops up into our brains and signals our trigger fingers to shoot. In our minds, we say “Wait, stay still. This is perfect” or something along those lines whenever we see a frame that we’d like to capture. It’s an intoxicating feeling, romance — a combination of impulse and adoration.

Films and books offer the same romantic therapy that photographs can induce. A great movie can make you swoon with remarkable scenes while a great book can delicately play with words to make you feel all sorts of emotions. Photographs can actually make you feel all of those things and more within a single image. A photo can remind you, it can inspire you. An image can make you want to take a photograph of your own. Romance can make you want to get up and do things. Photography is a form of romance, it is undeniable.

Photographers share that feeling with their fellow artists. We come together in our community for a shared love of photography and the way it makes us feel. Romance is not dead among the film community. On the contrary, it breathes new life with every photo we take and share among ourselves. Nowadays, we can always use a bit more romance in the world — it would be a shame if there wasn't enough to go around.

How about you? Why do you shoot? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  1. tomczykd
    tomczykd ·

    Why am I taking pictures? Because I want to capture everyday life, a passing moment, what has already become history This moment is now history. There is no present. Everything passes away, but the photographs allow us to stop time, the photographs make the moment watched for us present! I can not imagine my life without photography. Everything will pass, but the photographs will be and will be told about us! How we lived and who we were and how we loved and what we felt! Photography is sharing your heart and feeling! Photography is sharing my and your emotions!

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