Monday Moodboard: People Watching

Lack of inspiration is such a difficult thing to overcome for an artist. And Mondays are the worst. At times like these, it can be hard to see the amazing in the world. But look around you. What do you see? Beautiful people of all shapes and sizes, just waiting to be photographed. Glance outside of yourself and get in touch with people, even from a distance. Be a casual observer. Try to guess what people are doing or thinking. Create a narrative for the people you encounter or notice in the streets. See if their daily lives look picturesque, and snap some shots. Spare a few minutes people-watching and take some photographs. Here's our Monday Moodboard to get you started.

Credits: adamo-75, ilcontrariodime, grazie, robertofiuza, sirio174, arguspaul, wil6ka, why-yu, chromagnon & photos-for-locals

Who would have thought? There's magic in the mundane. Don't forget to upload your photographs to your LomoHome!

written by cielsan on 2018-10-22 #culture #monday-moodboard

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