How to Capture the Spirit of Autumn

Autumn comes only once a year and lasts for only a few months. Though fleeting, it's also the season of magic where everything around you completely changes, from the time when the sun rises and sets, to the colors of the leaves. Here are some of the best things about autumn — but watch out, blink they will go flying by! Stick around for some nifty tips and tricks to help you capture the fall this year.

Credits: ornella

Extended Golden Hours

The golden hour is always present during the sunrise and sunset. And yet, most of us photographers struggle with the timing of waking up early enough to capture it. This time year sunrise becomes later and later in the season, especially during daylight saving. This makes it easier for you, or anyone to catch the golden hour. The sun lingers a little longer on the horizon too, meaning you have got more time to compose the perfect snap. Make the most out of this seasonal privilege by shooting silhouettes, gold-soaked portraits, and glowing landscapes. The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System is the best kit to bring with you. After all, anything goes under the golden autumn sun.

Credits: locutus & bravebird

Colorful Foliage

The very obvious reason why autumn is also called fall is the steady dropping of orange colored leaves from trees, littering the ground with heartwarming hues. The fallen leaves make very stunning decorations, boosting colors in outdoor photography. Whether you're shooting a landscape, a portrait or something else entirely these luscious leaves are sure to add another dimension to your snaps. Warm-up that autumn palette with Lomography Redscale XR 50-200!

Credits: grazie, oleman & hodachrome

Macrophotography Season

For passionate macro-photographers autumn means fungi-and-mushroom season. We, earth lovers, adore anything nature brings to us, and these little growths are often easier to find in the thick undergrowth of autumn. Capture these fantastic fungi in the woodlands. Fungi are usually present on fallen branches and decaying stumps. Attach the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Reverse Macro Adapter on your Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens and capture the perfect snap!

Credits: filby, troch & aderlass

Textures and Patterns from Nature

Outdoor photography has never been more exciting than this season! Apart from the wonderfully warm light throughout the day, your local parks and nearby woodlands are decorated with distinct earthy patterns and textures. Look for tree roots, rigid barks leaves on the ground, grass, dirt and earthy debris. These would also make good backgrounds for your subjects. Our Lomography Color Negative 800 is just the right formula to take those pictures in full detail.

Credits: disdis, suizidekid, asharnanae, peteparker & juleshessel

Misty Ambiance

Go from a warm to a cool ambiance with morning mist. If you happen to get up at early, you might be lucky enough to have blankets of fog and mist greet you from time to time. These natural conditions can add an enchanting atmosphere to your pictures, literally! Take inspiration from Solènne Ballesta's moody portraits taken with the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens. Be mindful of shapes and colors before layering the elements in your composition. Don't forget to bring a cloth to keep your lens dry and perspiration-free!

Credits: moshbot, hodachrome & primula

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written by Ciel Hernandez on 2018-10-19 #tutorials #autumn-photography

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