Building a Community of Young LomoExplorers with HouseHub

Lomography is more than just a lifestyle or aesthetic. It's a community. And what better way to celebrate the joy of analogue photography than with creative collaboration?

Last summer, Lomography Greece held a LomoExplorers Workshop at the HouseHub Lobby Exploration Room, inviting young creatives aged from seven to twelve to explore their interest in analogue photography. Now, these young Lomographers' super snaps are being proudly presented in the LomoExplorers: Lomography Exhibition, also held at HouseHub in Kifissia, Greece. Make sure you check it out before it closes on 20 October 2018! Here's the rundown of how the LomoExplorer events went from July to October.

It all starts with an idea. Inspired by her own years as a shiny new Lomographer with the Diana F+, and her educational background in the Humanities, Lomography Greece's Revekkah Kefalea wanted the Lomographic summer workshop to be more than a means of expression, creativity and entertainment. She was determined to make it an opportunity for social interaction and strengthening community relationships.

“Lomography could be the perfect ally in achieving this goal due to its wild and playful character, as well as due to the fact that, apart from being a series of photographic cameras, Lomography is also a community in itself.” said Revekkah. Lomography Greece had already held several workshops for children in the past, and this new one was super easy to organize as they collaborated with the co-founders of HouseHub.

On 4 July 2018, seven young Lomographers — Achilles, Alice, George, John, Lydia, Paola, and Stefanos — were introduced to Lomography's cameras. They were each given a La Sardina to take their very own analogue snaps, and they immediately got into the Lomographic aesthetic. According to Revekkah: “I was really impressed by the fact that the kids got into the spirit of Lomography very quickly — they collaborated and became very creative while experimenting with various photographic techniques for the very first time!”

On 6 October 2018, Lomography Greece and HouseHub set up a showcase for the works of the young Lomographers. At the exhibition opening, Revekkah mentioned that many visitors — including partners and beneficiaries of HouseHub — were unfamiliar with Lomography, but developed an interest straight away: “Visitors particularly liked the multiple-exposure and light painting techniques, and requested that Lomography Greece and HouseHub collaborate once again for more workshops and exhibitions both for kids and adults in the near future.”

The future is analogue, indeed! The exhibition is open until 20 October 2018 at the HouseHub, 93 Othonos Str., Kifisia. Visit the event page for more details.

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