Moving Image: Cinematics Award


This competition serves as the "Open Submission Round" for the Cinematics Award. Submit your best short movies!

Credits: nicolasesc

Whether you're shooting with a Super 8, LomoKino, New Petzval Art Lens, or even the SuperSampler, Lomography challenges you to express your creative vision through moving pictures. Tickle us with your comedic command of the cinema, make us cry with your dramatic tales, and invites us into another world with your experimental shorts. Here are our recent favorites for your inspiration!

"12 lbs" by Connor Youngblood, shot with the LomoKino.
La Petite Valse by Michael Tiedtke, shot with the Petzval 58.
A Guide to British Trees by Edd Carr, snippets shot with the LomoKino.


  • This competition is open to all kinds of movies taken using the LomoKino (or other analogue movie cameras) and Lomography Art Lens, or images taken with multi-lens cameras that were edited as a short film.
  • Please submit a link to your entry on the comment section below. You may submit as many entries as you want.
  • Sound may be included but make sure you have the right to use the material.
  • Rumble will run until December 31, 2018.

Lights, camera, and action — we'll keep the popcorn and soda ready for your short flicks!

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @icequeenubia @lomography Where I can find now my old minimovies created with the old lomography website?

  2. driftusmaximus
    driftusmaximus ·

    Hi! I shot this over the summer using my Lomokino, a LOMO 135BC camera, and a digital mirrorless using 1960s Cine lenses.

  3. driftusmaximus
    driftusmaximus ·

    Then this music video for Andy Hunter was shot on the same cameras (only with shorter film sections, due to time pressures!) ...and I think that's all I've done with moving pictures this year.

  4. trad69
    trad69 ·

    Shot using an old standard 8 movie camera or

  5. trad69
    trad69 ·

    This one was shot with my wind-up Zenit Quartz Super 8 camera using some possibly rather over-expired Vision 500T

  6. hunterpreston
    hunterpreston · Shot entirely on the Lomokino.

  7. michal_vavro
    michal_vavro ·
    my first lomokino movie :)

  8. michal_vavro
    michal_vavro ·

    and some others: trip in Coburg skateboarding in old town one day with lomokino Bibione banana

  9. jbasco
    jbasco · - Yashica Super 40 / Expired Kodak Ektachrome + Kodak 7213; all processed as reversal at home.

  10. lalomixu
    lalomixu · / Super 8, Lomokino, Oktomat...

  11. 1205442
    1205442 ·

    Hello! Please kindly consider my shorts: and

  12. meninolambrini
    meninolambrini ·

  13. lalomixu
  14. lalomixu
    lalomixu ·

    I put it here again because I had not uploaded it to my lomography account, it's the same as above, sorry

  15. systemdevice
  16. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    - "What Is Above Is What Is Below" is an art installation by Cooking Section for Manifesta 12. Location: Giardino dei Giusti, Palermo.
    Shot with lomokino

    - A short 35mm animation
    Yashica Electro 35CC
    Lomography Redscale XR

  17. brettallensmith
    brettallensmith ·

    Here's mine! Love the LomoKino!

  18. goonies
  19. stephaniegumpel
    stephaniegumpel ·

    Hi guys! Here's an 8mm short for you with an original score that I have the rights to. I directed, shot and scored this film and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for giving analogue a home and community.

  20. cadecahalan
    cadecahalan ·

    Shot on the lomokino using color, slide, and B&W film over the past several months!

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